Burger B in Hongdae Gets an A


L iving in Korea as an American you will crave a good burger and beer from time to time. Unfortunately, most western food places can leave you feeling like you overpaid for a mediocre meal. Luckily Burger B in Hongdae is not one of them.

We read some good reviews about the Burger B in Hongdae and decided to go ahead and check it out. The atmosphere is pretty cozy and looks like your typical American bar/burger gastro pub. It’s kind of a comforting feeling in a place so far from home!Burger B in Hongdae PackWe went with the “Tasting Pack.” This included the ultimate BBQ burger, gorgonzola burger, French fries, one small shot of vanilla shake, and a flight of four beer tastings for $31. The beer samples were actually big! The beers were (as listed on the menu) Guinness, Hop Cat Amber Ale, Welhen Stephan, and San Miguel.Burger B in Hongdae Beer Sampler 1Burger B in Hongdae Beer Sampler 2Burger B in Hongdae Beer Sampler 3

Burger B Gorgonzola VS BBQ Burger

Both burgers at Burger B were delicious! The gorgonzola burger was our favorite of the two which had delicious mushrooms and caramelized onions in the mix with gooey gorgonzola cheese. The BBQ burger had more meat and a scrumptious blend of gruyere cheese and truffle aioli that melted in your mouth.Burger B in Hongdae BurgersBurger B in Hongdae Caramalized OnionsBurger-B-in-Hongdae-Gorgonzola-BurgerTo our surprise the burger prices were pretty inexpensive! Prices ranged from $8 – $13 for regular or specialty burger. All burgers are cooked at around medium, they won’t ask you how you would like it cooked. Their fries are shoe string fries and are delicious! They also offer sweet potato fries, these are not the sweet potato fries Americans are used to. They are served with mango sauce and are only so-so. They are $6 an order and there are barely enough to share between two people. I would recommend the shoe string fries!

Below is the menu so you can see the prices and the full menu from Burger B in Hongdae.Burger B in Hongdae MenuBurger B in Hongdae MenuBurger B in Hongdae MenuBurger B in Hongdae MenuWe will definitely be returning to Burger B in Hongdae when we are craving a good burger again! If you’re interested in going to the Burger B in Hongdae here  is a map with directions!

Address for Burger B in Hongdae is 2f, 363-28 Seokyo Dong Mapo Gu. Exit Hongdae #9.

Our Burger B Review

It's definitely one of the best burger's we've had in Korea!
It's right on par with prices for burgers in California.
Great patio seating and great environment, reminds you of any gastropub.
Hongdae is full of bars, shops, food and just about anything you'd want!
Overall Recommendation
Burger B will remind you of home and satisfy your cravings!
Overall we absolutely loved our dinner at Burger B in Hongdae. From the delicious burgers, to the location and ambiance we had a great time and it reminded us of home. We’d love to hear your comments of the place or hear of other restaurants in Seoul that we can try out so let us know in the comments below please! You can also lets us know via facebook or twitter.