Presenting: The Jindo Dog – One of Korea’s Natural Treasures [14 Photos]

Jindo Dog Jumps Through hoops

On this trip, we were introduced to the glorious breed of dog known as the Jindo dog. These dogs originate from Jindo Island, South Korea and are known for their fierce loyalty and bravery. Besides being freaking cute, they actually are very intelligent and can do some fancy tricks. We visited a Jindo dog trick show designed for foreigners with our group tour.
Jindo Dog Painting at the Jindo Dog FestivalHere’s a little background on the Jindo dog. They are considered the 53

Here’s a little background on the Jindo dog. They are considered the 53rd Natural Treasure of Korea (whatever that means) and apparently it can be challenging to own a pure bred Jindo dog outside of Jindo Island. There is a famous story about a Jindo dog returning to its owner on a journey of over 180 miles giving an example of how loyal this breed of dogs are.

Jindo Dog with Leg Brace White Jindo Dog

Jindo dogs can be trained to do all sorts of tricks. We saw Jindo dogs walk on their hind legs, take drink orders, find the drink in the fridge and give it to the trainer, jump through rings 4-5 feet off the ground, jump roping better than we can, jump through fire rings (not sure how we feel about this), and even paint a portrait.

Jindo Dog DancingJindo Dog Dancing Jindo Dog DancingJindo Dog Jumps through Fire Jindo Dog Jumps Through hoopsJindo Dog Jumps Through hoops

If that isn’t enough for you, then maybe you will have your pants charmed off by the Jindo puppies you can walk up to and pet. The white Jindo pups look like baby polar bears and are absolutely adorable.

Black and Brown Jindo Puppy White Jindo Puppy

Jindo Island is so proud of their Jindo dog that they have statues of the dogs scattered throughout the island. These dogs are pretty amazing. It’s surprising they prize this particular dog so much seeing how some places in Korea eat dogs.

Jindo Dog Statue Jindo Dog Statue Jindo Dog StatueThe dogs were really cute and pretty impressive. It was a lot of fun to see the dogs fetch drink orders, paint pictures, and jump crazy high. But we could have done with out the hoops of fire. All in all the dog does seem like something to be proud of and we wanted to snatch up a bunch of Jindo pups. It was a fun 30 minute break from the 6 hour bus ride.

Have you seen the Jindo dog shows? Or better yet, do you have a Jindo dog? Let us know what you thought or send pictures in the comments below!

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Jindo Dog Rating

Genuine Picassos!
More hops than a box of frogs!
Listening Skills
Way better than Siri!
Cuter than 5,000 buttons.
C'mon it's Korea's 53rd Natural Treasure!