Softree Ice Cream in Hongdae – Perfect Summer Treat

Softree Ice Cream Hongdae
Softree is known for its homemade custard style soft serve ice cream with honey chips.I have been hearing rumors of how delicious Softree ice cream is so we decided to get some. There is normally a huge line for Softree ice cream in Hongdae everytime we go, which is always a good sign. This ice cream shop is nestled in the lower part of the store named Around the Corner. Just look for the lines.Softree Ice Cream Hongdae
I saw that the line was a bit shorter and insisted we finally try this ice cream we have been hearing so much about! Only to realize the short line was because they sold out of honey chips! We still had our sweet tooth and decided to try something else on the menu. Scott ordered the soft serve in a cup with melted salted milk chocolate. I ordered the soft serve in a cup with regular honey. They both were delicious, and the Softree ice cream was a real treat.Softree Ice Cream Hongdae
We will be making a trip back to wait in the long line for the honey chip next time before they sell out! We are super curious if any one has tried some of the other interesting flavors on the menu. So if you have tried squid ink, spicy coco, or it’s magic lamp please let us know how it tasted below, whether you have a link to your blog, photos or anything we are dying to know!Softree Ice Cream Hongdae
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