Strangest Food We’ve Eaten in Korea – NOT A DOG!

Bundegi - Korea's Strangest Food
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What’s the Strangest Food You’ve Eaten? –  [IN KOREA]

This post is a submission for BootsnAll Strange Food’s prompt, which wants to know what the strangest food you’ve eaten is. Since we are currently living in Korea, Teaching English to save for some extensive traveling, we thought we’d share the weirdest thing we’ve tried so far.

If you didn’t already know, Korean’s are cool with eating dogs. It’s slightly taboo to just openly admit, but Megan and I have done some surveys in our classes, and most of those kids have eaten dog. Some are embarrassed and reluctant to admit it, and others brag about how much they love it.

We definitely have the opportunity to eat dog’s while were out here, but just don’t think we could ever do it. So instead, the craziest food we had is called Bundegi, AKA silkworm larvae.

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What does Bundegi taste like

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So what does Bundegi taste like you ask? Not much. It’s quite literally flavorless. The texture is a bit strange. It’s both crunchy and chewy and you definitely feel like your eating a worm. It might just be the image of shovelling them into your mouth with a chopstick.

You can find Bundegi at just about any Korean BBQ. If you play your cards right and are drinking alcohol, you may even be able to score some for free just to sample.

Other than that the most common place to see it is on the street at high concentrated area’s.

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Have you ever had bundegi? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below. Or submit your own strange food to BootsnAll. Check out the prompt here.

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Taste like nothing.
Apparently packed with protein.
It kinda explodes in your mouth.
Can get it cheap, also sometimes free.
Boring, Cheap but Healthy!