8 Things We Loved about Octopus Villas Bali: Review + Photo Essay

Octopus Villas Bali

We were extremely lucky and fortunate to be able have our parents visit us while we are teaching for a year in Korea. During their stay, we took a trip to Bali and stayed at the wonderful Octopus Villas Bali. It was a wonderful trip that we couldn’t have ever done without the help of family. Needless to say we had the time of our lives and thought it was only right to share 8 things we loved about our Octopus Villas Bali experience.


Octopus Villas BaliOctopus Villa’s rooms where amazing. What made them so great was the homey atmosphere and the design. It gave you the comforts of home but with a nice modern touch and absolutely stunning scenery.

We’ll start first with the cute entrance to the 2 bedroom villa. The stone walk way leading to the Villa was charming and gave the place a really cute feel when we first arrived. What made it even more amazing was huge glass doors that gave through to a pool, and a lovely view of the beach.

The bedrooms were also lovely, charming and quaint. Each room has a four-post bed with a net for mosquitos, a large bathroom, and art from local Balinisian artists.

Octopus Villas Bali Octopus Villas Bali

Each bathroom is huge and the master bath has a bathtub in it.

Octopus Villas Bali

The living room was wide open with huge windows and doors that let you see the nature all around you. It is very secluded so you won’t have to worry about neighbors, or anyone interrupting you.

Octopus Villas Bali Octopus Villas Bali

It also came with an infinity pool, and cabana overlooking the beach. Great for relaxing and enjoying the sunrises and sunsets.Octopus Villas Bali


Octopus Villas BaliThe location of Octopus Villas Bali actually ended up being a huge plus. Sure it is three hours away from the airport and about 2 hours away from Ubud. But having spent the last year living in one of the busiest cities in the world, remote was just what the doctor ordered. Besides being in Densapar or Ubud the location is actually just as close to other landmarks you are going to want to explore, and the roads will be less crowded as a result.

Things like Besakih, water rafting down the Telaga Waja River, checking out waterfalls and Batcaves, as well as hiking Mt. Batur are all the same distance or much closer from Octopus Villa than from Densapar. But when you come to Bali, what you really want is your own slice of paradise, which is exactly what you get when you stay at the Octopus Villas Bali.


Having no idea what Balinese food was, we were pleasantly surprised by the food at Octopus Villas Bali. They have over 20 different options for meals, costing anywhere from $4-$9. Food was delivered fresh, delicious and ready whenever we wanted it! Not only is there decent options at Octopus Villas Bali. But if you are craving to go out, a two minute walk to the neighbors restaurant,will offer up some delicious dishes at similar prices plus some stunning views overlooking the waves. A great place to eat during the sunset!


For $140 a night or $950 a week this place is pretty cheap when you compare it to equivalent hotels in the world. Back home in the states there is no way $140 is going to get you your own private villa for a night. You will share walls and be stacked right on top of each other. Even Las Vegas, mecca for cheap deals, won’t have rooms this quality for this price. Even in Korea (where we are currently living) a standard love motel that’s tiny and gross, might run you $60 dollars.

Here you are secluded, pampered, and truly in a paradise. If less than a grand can buy that for a week, than it’s a steal in my book. For families and people looking for short vacations, this is definitely the way to go. For backpackers and budget travelers there are definitely cheaper options in Ubud that would be great.

We fit more in the backpacker/budget traveler but since we were fortunate enough to be brought along on our parents vacation, it was free for us. So there definitely is a bit of bias. We may not be able to afford to do this on our more budget travels, but it’s pretty easy to see that if you put yourselves in the shoes of parents, or families, this choice is a perfect option at a great price!


One thing you will notice about Bali is how nice everyone is. The same goes for the owners, Alex and Anna, who made us feel at home everyday. That friendliness extended to their staff who were great as well. From the morning greetings with breakfast to their friendly smiles and thoughtful consideration.

While staying there you felt like you were with extended family, but the kind that you actually wanted to be around. We were surprised that they actually cleaned the villa every single day which was quite nice. We also splurged a few times and got some hour long massages for just $15 that were wonderful and relaxing.

Our drivers were also extremely nice. Letting us stop whenever we saw something that interested us, waiting for us in Ubud while we shopped and ate and never not having friendly smiles. They were so kind that it really made those long drives enjoyable, even if their english skills are suspect. They took us to some amazing restaurants that we would have never known existed and that were absolutely delicious. Never once were we unhappy with their recommendations.

 Sunsets and Sunrises

One of my favorite things to do while we were at the Octopus Villas Bali was to wake up early (when I could:)) and take some photos during the sunrises. It was one of the most calming things I have done and absolutely beautiful.

Octopus Villas Bali


Every morning we were greeted with stunning sunrises and lovely songs of birds that were busy flying around in the morning. An absolutely majestic site.

Octopus Villas Bali


Most of the sunsets we were out and about, except for when we had a dinner during the sunset at the restaurant next door. Just wonderful! Oh how I would love to see another sunset in Bali.

Octopus Villas Bali

 Snorkelling & Diving

The water just outside of our Villa was teaming with coral reefs that are full of life. Most days we had 30 feet of clear visibility to see most of the wild life. When we went out on the boat to other dive spots we quickly learned that the best spot for snorkeling was literally right in front of the villa! The water’s temperature was perfect. Gentle, calm water that crashed against a rocky beach that did take a day to get used to. But they give you some boots for snorkeling that when you pop on make walking on the rocks a breeze.

Octopus Villas Bali

We didn’t get a chance to dive because Megan isn’t certified, but with the visibility and the fact you didn’t even need a suit to go down made it a great spot for diving. Alex told us there were a couple current spots you can go to and just float on the ride which sounded like a paradise. We will have to get Megan certified soon![/text_output]


Octopus Villas BaliEven though the Octopus Villas Bali are remote from other tourists, it isn’t shy of activities to do. Diving and Snorkelling are clearly some of the more obvious things to do that are absolutely awesome. But for those looking for even more ways to enjoy the water have the ability to rent Kayaks, Jet Ski’s or even go Spear Fishing.

If you want a break from the water or want to explore, in 5 minutes you can walk over to this temple right off the beach. You can also rent a motorscooter, take a car for the day, or even walk to a the Waterfall in the neighboring village.

The rest of the activities might be a bit further, but you can group them together to have some pretty awesome day trips. For example, go check out the not so friendly monkeys in Ubud, shop til you drop, and then stop by the Besakih temple on your way back home!


Overall, our stay at Octopus Villas Bali was magnificent. It was great to see our family again, as well as spend a relaxing week being pampered with $15 massages, food, and beautiful sunsets. We believe that a week at Octopus Villas Bali for under a grand is definitely a bargain and would definitely do it again if we had the option. This is an ideal place for honeymooners, couples, and families just looking to get a relaxing week away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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