An Afternoon Wandering the Streets of Ubud, Bali (16 Photos)

A  fter being in Ubud for five minutes we realized we did not have even close to enough time to spend here. This area is a magical, tropical, shoppers and travelers dream. The streets are filled with hundreds of shops, local vendors, guest houses, temples, offerings for the gods, and charming restaurants.


Peace offerings scattered along the streets of Ubud.

If you have longer time to spendin Ubud, you can enjoy many of the yoga, meditation, and art places that the beloved town is famous for.

If you are like us, then you might have been trying to squeeze in Ubud while hiking Bali’s Mt. Batur Volcano and checking out the infamous Besakih temple. If so, you you may only have a few short hours. Then enjoy strolling leisurely down the streets, gawking at the temples and browsing at all the cute little shops that Ubud has to offer. But, be sure to watch your step so you don’t crush an offering to the gods that are lined along the streets.

SEE ALSO: Getting attacked by Monkey’s in Ubud’s Sacred Monkey Forest.[/text_output]

Ubud Bali

Photo by John Y. Can

Almost every store or street vendor you are able to negotiate pricing, and this goes for all of Bali. They will suggest a much higher price than what most customers pay. Something we found out when we were able to talk our way down from $80 a person to less than $80 total for four water rafting down the Telaga Waja river.

Be mindful that the people from Bali rely heavily on tourism to feed their families everyday. Minimum wage is $116 a month, or roughly $4 a day. So don’t sweat the smaller items and push the price too low.

There are so many restaurants you will come across and tell yourself you want to try that place! It was hard to buckle down and pick just one place. The food is delicious and inexpensive. So we suggest to splurge here a little and treat yo’self!

We know they say don’t judge a book by the cover. But sometimes when you’re exploring you have to do just that. Luckily it lead us to this amazing restaurant known as the Kebun Bistro.

Kebun Bistro Ubud Bali

Cute place, beautiful town, great food.

Where we got to try these two delicious dishes.
Kebun Bistro Ubud Kebun Bistro Ubud

With only 3-4 hours, we really only got to skim the surface of Ubud. We wished we had more time to wander outside of the central area and explore what other backpackers claim to be the “real” Ubud. We will definately be back to shop the markets and meander outside the main street in Ubud. There’s no wonder why this place is a favorite to many travelers of Bali.

Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Kebun Bistro Ubud Ubud Bali Ubud Bali Ubud Bali

Since we had such a limited time in Ubud, we are dying to know what your favorite things to do in the area were. So let us know in the comments below and share your travels.

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  • You always have the coolest pictures. This Bali trip really seems like it was a blast! Thanks for another great post!

    • Thanks for the comment Duke. Bali was definitely a blast that flew by way to fast!

  • I’m loving your Bali posts. It’s getting me excited about our trip in just over a month. That little bistro looks great. I just saw the patio and was already thinking about adding it to my itinerary and then I saw photos of the food. Drool! I’m really glad we have a few nights in Ubud because I think that’s exactly the kind of area that I think of when I think of Bali. We will have a few nights by the beach and then a few in Ubud and I think that’s a perfect balance.

    • Thanks for your comment Meagan! You will have such a wonderfuk time in Bali! We wish we were still there. It’s a good thing you have planned at least a few days in Ubud. That place is so charming and hard not to fall in love with. Make sure you watch out for those monkeys in the sacred monkey forest though! Haha

  • Sounds like a great place! That restaurant looks really cool, and the food there looks delicious as well. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ray

    My suggestions: the ricefields are Just 50 mtrs away from Ubud center, the monkey forest is a must see and i would definately stay in Ayung Resort and walk down to the river. While you’re there enjoy the good food and luxurious hotel with the kindest people.

    • Awesome suggestions ray thanks for the comment! We had a good time checking out the Monkey Forest even though Megan got attacked! I’ll look into the Ayung Resort. Thanks again!

  • Beautiful photos. I have always wanted to visit, but after seeing your photos I think I need to bump Bali higher on my list of “to see” places.

    • Luckily Megan bumped it up on our to do list and I don’t regret a second of it! Thanks for your comment!

  • It’s a shame you guys didn’t have more time in Ubud!! My favorite time there was just going on long walks through rice fields in the area. The beauty was unmatched.

    • It definitely is. We have heard through the grapevine that 3 years teaching experience can get you a job in the area! So maybe one day we can live there for a year.

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