Chrysanthemum Bread or Gook Hwa Bread

Korean Dessert Bread

This week’s Tasty Tuesday is crowned to this tiny, flower imprinted pastry bread. It goes by chrysanthemum bread or gook hwa bread. These delightful snacks are filled with either a vanilla custard or our favorite, red bean!

Red bean sounds like a weird dessert to those who have never tried it. It is made from azuki beans that are cooked and have either sugar or honey added to sweeten it. The mushy dark red filling can almost be fooled as a chocolate like filling for those who are not aware. It sounds weird, but trust us and taste it!

Korean Dessert Bread

These fluffy, gooey, hot delights are served up fresh in a bag and usually contain 10-12 pieces. The price is usually around 2,000-3,000 KRW (~$2-$3).

You can commonly find these near tourist attractions or highly visited areas of Korea. Hot delights like this are more frequently found in colder months, but they are still fairly easy to find during summer!

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