Gachi CSA Delivers Organic Local Produce to Your Home

Gachi CSA

*Note – We no longer are sure Gachi CSA still exists and have removed links.
While living in Korea, you may not have some of the basic or staple items you’re used to from home. Being from California we always had a range of options and easy access to organic or health-conscious foods. Most of the time in Korea, we are guessing what we are eating and I’ll often send Scott to the market to buy zucchini, and he comes back with cucumber! Now you can see why he’s called BoBo :).

We have an organic food store below our apartment, the prices are high and the selection is small. They do carry produce, dairy, and grain products. But there is still a language barrier and we don’t always know what we are buying not to mention that  it’s honestly out of our budget.

Subscription boxes being mailed to your door has been growing in popularity back in the US. You can get anything from beauty products, dog treats, arts & crafts, to health food box subscriptions all tailored to your interests and needs. So we were excited to see and give it a shot here in Korea.

Gachi CSA

Opening up the box for the first time.

We were lucky enough to get a chance to try Gachi CSA organic produce boxes. You can sign up for a subscription depending on how long you would like to commit and receive a box of fresh, local, organic and eco friendly produce to your door weekly. This is perfect for expats and foreigners who have an organic conscious diet seeing how finding organic stores are few and far between.

Gachi CSA

Gachi CSA box unpacked

How it Works

Gachi offers different levels of boxes including a couples basket to a family basket. There is also an option for vegans out there. Here’s a breakdown graphic provided by Gachi CSA for the different options.

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Gachi CSA

Gachi CSA Pricing Chart

They also include suggested recipes online if you need some ideas on how to use your contents.

To sign up visit their website and check out the different selections to tailor it to your needs.

For example, a couples basket includes 8-10 products for around KRW 27,000 (~$27) per week.

*If you want to try it out once before committing it will cost KRW 30,000 (~$30)

For an additional charge you can add bread, snacks, juice, fruit, or meat to your box.

After placing your order you will receive a package every Monday. Here is a list of what we received in ours.

  • 6 Eggs
  • Delaware Grapes
  • Garlic
  • Cucumber
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Eggplant
  • Bell Pepper
  • Chives
  • Lettuce
  • Lemon Balm Herbs
  • Potatoes
Since it’s a collective and availability is constantly changing, Gachi CSA has baskets that change you can see some previous months baskets here.

Recipes We Made

Check out the recipes we tried below. Some of the photos do not capture how delicious these meals tasted. Keep in mind we may have had to improvise a few of the recipes due to not having access to the same ingredients as the USA.

Gachi CSA Breakfast

Using Gachi CSA we made a delicious Ratatouille With Fried Eggs
Gachi CSA

Ratatouille With Fried Eggs

You can get the recipe to make this dish using your Gachi package here.

Gachi ingredients used: eggs, eggplant, bell pepper, garlic, lemon balm leaves

Gachi CSA Lunch

Using Gachi CSA we made a hearty chicken veggie salad that Megan makes herself.
Gachi CSA

Chicken Veggie Salad

Gachi ingredients used: eggs, eggplant, bell pepper, garlic, lemon balm leaves

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Gachi CSA Dinner

Using Gachi CSA we made a mouthwatering Rosemary Lemon Garlic Chicken with Potatoes and extra LEMON!
Gachi CSA

Rosemary Lemon Garlic Chicken with Potatoes

You can make this dish using your Gachi CSA supply by following the directions here.

Gachi ingredients used: eggs, eggplant, bell pepper, garlic, lemon balm leaves[/text_output]

Final Thoughts on Using Gachi CSA 

Overall, this is a great way to get your hands on organic and fresh produce while living in Korea. Not only are you supporting the local farmers but it is conveniently delivered to your door each week saving you a trip to the grocery store. Unfortunately, for us, this is a bit out of our budget. But, we love what Gachi CSA is doing for the community in Korea and we think that this subscription option is perfect for organic loving expats staying in Korea!

We are very grateful for the opportunity to try out the package and think others could get a great value from Gachi CSA. If you have tried it, we would love for you to share your recipe’s either posted on your blog, or photos in the comments below!

You can find more information about the Gachi CSA program by checking out their website here.[

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