Trying Bali’s Famous Kopi Luwak – aka Weasel Poop Coffee

Luwak Kopi

Have you ever seen the movie The Bucket List? If you have, then you are aware of the most expensive coffee in the world ranging at around $1,000 per pound! Sounds crazy, especially since it comes from animal droppings. Some people may be grossed out, while others will wonder what the hype is all about. We were some of the wonderers.

On our way to Ubud, our driver stopped us at a Kopi Luwak plantation. We had a friendly host who showed us a close up of this feisty animal (they only have one in a cage for a brief time before releasing back to the wild for demonstration purposes). Although it’s extremely cute, the Luwak or Asian palm civet, is not a friendly animal! So do not try to pet the cute little guy because he will snip at your fingers. These civets hand select the best coffee fruits to eat and then the digestion process is what makes these coffee beans unique and delicious to taste.

Kopi Luwak

Cute but not so friendly!

Don’t worry, the coffee producers do not take civet poop and put it in a coffee pot, they peel a layer off and then grind the coffee. After the beans are collected from the feces and prepared, they are roasted for hours before the coffee is actually prepared.

Kopi Luwak Nuts

These are the poops, but get pealed first!

Kopi Luwak

Finally, pounded and grounded into a fine powder.

Kopi Luwak

Then the Kopi Luwak nuts get roasted!

Kopi Luwak

Coffee & Tea Sampler

For only 50,000 rupiahs (~$5) we were able to enjoy a tea and coffee sampler and a cup of Kopi Luwak. Not bad considering it costs up to $80 a cup in America! While traveling you may see places that offer Weasel Coffee, if you are in Vietnam for example, they actually use a synthetic process to recreate the digestive tract of the Luwak to mass produce a similar product and selling it at a cheap price. From what we learned the only places to get authentic Kopi Luwak is throughout Indonesia and the Philippines.

The teas were tasty, but the coffee was the highlight! If you are a black, strong coffee drinker like us, then you will love this coffee. It is very rich and dark. If you do not like rich and dark coffee, try a sip of it first without sugar or creamer. Afterall, you are trying the best coffee in the world!

The plantation also has a gift shop where you can buy instant mixes for the teas and coffees you sampled. We were not sold on this since it was all instant mixes that you just add hot water to. But, no worries, they sold Kopi Luwak as ground beans so you could brew from home.

Luwak Kopi

We were pretty excited to have a real cup of Kopi Luwak! It was cheap and delicious, especially since we love strong coffee. After being in Korea for the past year where you get watered down espresso shots as coffee, we were especially happy to have REAL coffee, or the BEST coffee in the world!

Disclaimer: Since visiting the Kopi Luwak plantation in Bali we have learned that the circumstances in which the civets are treated and the way the digested beans are collected are actually very cruel. The animals are often caged and treated poorly.

Instead of hiding or deleting the fact that we participated in this activity, we would like to use this disclaimer as a way to spread awareness.

To read more on this issue, please check out these articles from some of the most credible and trusted media sources.



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