Green Tea Bingsu from Beans & Berries

It’s summer time in Korea which means another seasonal dessert to help us beat the heat. Hotteok, Chrysanthemum Bread, and Boongapang are common Korean desserts for the colder or rainy weather. When spring and summer roll around Koreans trade in their breaded sweet snacks for this shaved ice heaven called bingsu.

What is Bingsu

Bingsu’s traditional ingredients are mostly shaved ice, sweetened condensed milk, ice cream, and a variety of cereal or rice cakes. Since this snack is growing in popularity the different combinations are endless. Many varieties of bingsu now are served with fruit. The most popular one under the sun is patbingsu made with sweetened azuki beans (known as 팥, pat.)

Where can you find Bingsu 


Green Tea Patbingsu from Beans n Berries

During the summer, you can find Bingsu just about any and everywhere. If you’re having difficulties check your street vendors and boutique café shops. There are even chains of cafes dedicated to serving bingsu all year round such as Wicked Snow, Beans & Berries and the O’sulloc Tea House in Insadong.

We were having an amazing date at Seoul Forest where we were lucky enough to pass by a Beans & Berries and had to stop to enjoy the cold, delectable treat. Unlike the rest of our date at Seoul Forest, these are not cheap. Costing 12,000 KRW (~$12) for a couple size bingsu. But they are worth every penny. We each could have chowed down on a bowl to ourselves easily.

We ordered Green Tea Bingsu and it came with a heaping scoop of green tea ice cream on top. It also had our favorite sweet red bean, mixed nuts, and corn flakes all sitting on top of the big bowl of crushed ice. After mixing it all together we savored every last drop of this sweet goodness.

We want to eat a bowl everytime we see pictures or pass a place that sells bingsu! So far we have tried random cafe’s, street vendors, O’sulloc in Insadong and Beans & Berries. Our current favorite is Beans & Berries by miles!

Have you had bingsu before? What’s your favorite place to get Bingsu at? Share or comment below.

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