Green Tea Bingsu at Osulloc Tea House in Insadong

Osulloc Tea House Bingsu

We’ve been hellbent recently on trying Bingsu ever since we randomly discovered it after a scorching day at Seoul Forest and stumbled on Beans and Berries. So naturally, after a hot afternoon wandering around the streets of Insadong we stumbled upon the famous Osulloc Tea House. This chic and modern café/store is known for its green tea from the plantations of Jeju. Osulloc Tea House brings you gourmet green tea and green tea infused foods to give you the ultimate experience of one of Korea’s most traditional drinks.

Osulloc Tea House Bingsu

Front entrance from Insadong

We heard about Osulloc from friends and other blogs and decided this is the perfect place to splurge on our favorite summer dessert. The downstairs of Osulloc is a gift store that also will give you a sample of their famous green tea. Some of the prices are pretty steep, but you are buying premium tea.

Once you go upstairs you will be seated and handed a menu. We saw the green tea patbingsu set that cost around 20,000 KRW (~$20) and comes with a green tea cheese tiramisu. The price is a bit steep, but you will not be disappointed with the size and presentation.

Osulloc Tea House Bingsu

Delicious creamy tiramasu.

The tiramisu was very rich and delicious and definitely tasted closer to cheesecake than tiramisu. The green tea patbingsu was amazing. The bingsu here is not as sweet as Beans & Berries green tea bingsu. At Osulloc, the bingsu tasted more like drinking a cup of unsweetened green tea, which was still delicious. The sweet red azuki beans is what really makes the dish to die for.

Osulloc Tea House Bingsu

Just look at that!

Overall, Osulloc was more expensive than we would like to spend regularly on dessert. The bingsu was not as sweet as Beans & Berries, but was still uniquely delicious. If we were to pick a favorite it would have to be Beans & Berries bingsu for the taste and price.

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