The Battle of Fried Chicken in Buam-Dong

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We are excited for this weeks tasty tuesday. It’s a special battle for the best fried chicken in Buam-Dong. We’ve been spending a lot of time in Buam-Dong recently trying to eat our way through this little nook nestled in Seoul.

The first time we came we tried to eat at the famous Gyeyeolsa Chicken restaurant. Formerly known as Cheers Chicken. However after a rude encounter with the owner, the crowd, and us being a bit cranky, we headed 5 doors down to Sai Chicken. An up and comer for Fried Chicken in Buam-Dong. It was delicious, and made us wonder if it was possible for Gyeyeolsa Chicken to be better.

So the next week we came back to eat at Gyeyeolsa Chicken and compare the two. We dubbed it “The Battle of Fried Chicken in Buam-Dong.”

First up is the famous Gyeyeolsa Chicken (계열사 치킨) aka Cheers Chicken. We came here on a tip from a fellow blogger who wrote this article for the arrival store blog. We have a love for fried chicken and were already planning to go to Buam-Dong so it was a no brainer.

Gyeyeolsa Chicken


First time we came for Gyeyeolsa Chicken (계열사 치킨) it wasn’t much fun. We were hungrier than a bear and greeted being yelled at when we tried to sit down at the table upstairs. We were told to go downstairs and when we sat down there we were yelled at again and told to move seats. Tired and cranky, we left and went to the place we saw just before we came here. Sai Chicken, but more on that in a second.

Second time we came here it was more of the same. However we didn’t get yelled at when we sat down, instead almost instantly were asked for our order, where we got what Gyeyeolsa Chicken (계열사 치킨) was famous for. FRIED CHICKEN!

After about a 7 minute wait we got our basket of fried chicken and potato wedges and damn did it look fingerlickin’ good! Each bite had a delicious and crispy breading with mouth watering chicken that was a beautiful juicy white. This chicken was fried to perfection.


Gyeyeolsa Fried Chicken

Gyeyeolsa Chicken (계열사 치킨) gives a generous plate of 12 piecees of fried chicken that can easily satisfy the hunger of two hungry hippos like us. Perhaps even 3 people. It comes with some potato wedges that reminded us of the type of fries we would get at some of our favorite eateries in Ohio. Wedges were divine in Gyeyeolsa’s chili sauce concoction.

Gyeyeolsa Chicken

We polished off the fried chicken with a cold glass of ice-cold beer and couldn’t have been happier. Like gluttons, we gulped down the meal and the brews in no time. When it was time to pay, of course we were getting yelled at and shoved out the door when we tried to get change. We think we know why they changed hteir names from Cheers chicken.

Gyeyeolsa Chicken (계열사 치킨) definitely is on top of their fried chicken game but was it the best fried chicken in Buam-Dong?

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Directions to Gyeyeolsa Chicken (계열사 치킨) in Buam-Dong