The Battle of Fried Chicken in Buam-Dong

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Sai Chicken

Sai Chicken is located just down the steps.

Our first time heading to Sai chicken was a completely different experience than going to Gyeyeolsa chicken. We were greeted and sat instantly and given a menu. Of course we ordered some fried chicken and waited eagerly for the meal. After about 10 minutes we got our meal and it was huge. This was a site for sore eyes seeing how we were the ravenous hungry hippos that were tired, frustrated, and ready for our food after our first frustrating encounter at Gyeyeolsa.

Sai Chicken

All we ordered was fried chicken, but it came with this delicious, refreshing bean sprout salad with a spicy kick, as well as some of the best french fries we have had in Korea. The fries were double battered, crispy, and seasoned to perfection. Again, the meal was huge and enough food to easily feed at least three people. There were 14 pieces of juicy fried chicken, plenty of fries, and a heaping portion of the amazing salad.

Overall we liked the breading and flavor at Sai a lot. It had a perfect breading and a lovely kick of garlic with each bite that wasn’t overpowering but instead left a nice aftertaste. Just like Gyeyeolsa the chicken was fried and cooked to perfection. Both places were bringing their A-game when it came to frying chicken.

Not only was the food delicious, but the overall atmosphere was much more pleasant at Sai Chicken. The restaurant wasn’t as busy and you had more room to eat in this cozy little basement of a restaurant. The workers were warm, friendly, and even trying to help me figure out what ingredients were in the salad.

But, was it enough for Sai Chicken to win the battle of Fried Chicken in Buam-Dong.

Lets examine the facts on the next page.

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