Yuan Guilin (계림 원) Chicken in Mullae

Yuan Guilin Cheese konda
We talk a lot about chicken in Korea for our tasty Tuesdays. But once you have had chicken in Korea you will understand why we rant and rave so much. Holy heavens is this stuff good. This week we randomly stumbled upon a whole new chicken nirvana that we had never known before. Chicken with tteok (Korean rice cake), spicy sauce, melted cheese, corn, and crunchy rice that cooked on the hot pan. This delicious dish is dubbed the cheese kondal (주차공간).

Yuan Guilin Cheese kondal

The smell of this dish calls like the song of the siren.

We spotted this place after searching for the Mullae Art Space. After wandering around for street art for over an hour we really built up an appetite. Then we spotted a rotisserie chicken cooker outside this restaurant and its smell was screaming our name. We really had no idea that a short time after our minds would be blown by the savory chicken explosion in our mouths.

Yuan Guilin Cheese konda

Mouth Watering

We saw another table that had a deep red, cheesy chicken dish and pointed at it and pointed to the waiter to signal that’s what we want. Korea also loves to pair chicken with beer so we enjoyed a pitcher of Cass Beer. Being spicy food lovers we were surprised about the amount of heat the hot sauce had. The food was amazing and the restaurant had a pleasant atmosphere. It instantly became one of our favorite chicken dishes and we absolutely loved this place and highly recommend trying it! After doing some research we found the website to see if there are locations near you. You can check for locations near you here.[/text_output]

Directions to Yuan Guilin (계림 원) in Mullae 

We put a map down there so you can plan your own route. But we headed down to Mullae and got lost and found it. But if you don’t wanna get lost, head to Mullae, take exit 5 and walk down until the street dead ends and turn right (about 7 minutes.) Then turn left at the first street (about 1 minute.) Then walk another minute and you will see and or smell the place on your left. Use the map for reference.

We are loving chicken in Korea and dying to know what is your favorite chicken place in Korea. We want to try! Share links with us in the comments below.

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