Bungeoppang – Korea’s Ice Cream Cake on Steroids

Summers almost over so it’s time to start saying good bye to Bingsu as some shops won’t offer it. Although places like our favorite green tea red bean bingsu from Bean’s & Berries will be open all year round. Sometimes it’s nice to get a quick sweet treat from your local market or closest convenient store.

One of our favorite things to do is get Bungeoppang after an exhausting day. For those curious, Bungeoppang is the Korean name of a pastry similar to the Japanese fish-shaped pastry taiyaki. In Korean, bung’eo (붕어) means Carassius, a kind of fish, and ppang (빵) means bread.


Tasty Ice Cream with Red Bean inside a Waffle

It’s kind of like a hotteok but filled with icecream and frozen as well. So if you love things with red bean in it, like hotteoks, or chrysanthamum bread, and you love ice-cream sandwiches. Than this bad boy is for you!

You can find Bungeoppang at any market and or any convenience store. Prices will range from 900 won to 1,500 won. Not a bad deal by any means. Just look for the package below.


Look for this red packaging.

This is an awesome snack to try for those who with a penchant for sweats and want a quick snack to eat.

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