Chuseok Special Tasty Tuesday: Songpyeon


We just experienced our second Chuseok in Korea this fall. Chuseok is the Korean Thanksgiving, and just like the American Thanksgiving, Korea has its staple, traditional foods they serve on this holiday. We fell in love with the dessert Songpyeon, a glutinous rice cake with a sweet filling. We love tteok (rice cakes) and all the versions of it. Check out our other favorite tteok dish tteokboki here.

You can find these tasty treats at any market in Korea. Just be aware that they will sell out toward the end of the day and are seasonal. So you might wanna grab em up early.


These colorful, chewy rice cakes are often filled with honey, sesame seeds, or sweet red bean. We have tried a few different types and our favorite is the honey mixture and of course the red bean. If you haven’t been able to explore Korean cuisine yet or are just learning about the snacks here, we recommend anything with red bean. Especially hotteok during the winter and red bean bingsu during the summer!

You can even attempt making it yourself. Check out the recipe right here.