Hajodae Beach Is The Ultimate Korean Beach Getaway

Hajodae Beach


Camping at Naksan Beach

Camping right on the Water

Located on South Korea’s northeast coast sits another beautiful white sand beach. Hajodae Beach is about a 30 minute bus ride south from Sokcho and beautifully quiet and relaxing. We decided to grab our tent and spend the long Chuseok holiday weekend camping at this beautiful beach.[/text_output]After being dropped off by our bus from Sokcho at Hajodae Beach we were not sure what to expect. After trying to find information about this place is hard, so after hearing a friend have a great experience here we decided to make it our holiday getaway. The town itself is very small. A much more scaled down version of the town of Naksan where we were the previous week. Don’t worry though there are plenty of restaurants to find food at and a few convenience stores.

Hajodae Beach

We heard how difficult and crowded places were during Chuseok. We were shocked to see we pretty much had the beach to ourselves again. There was maybe a total of 20 people at this beautiful beach. We were pleasantly surprised to have such a quiet, tranquil weekend at the beach.

It made for some calm relaxing sunrises and it gave Scott a shot to try out a timelapse for his second time. This time it came out a bit better than his first time at Naksan.

What we loved most would have to be the powdery white sand and the clear blue waters. This beach is very similar to Naksan Beach except Hajodae Beach had beautiful rocks near the shorebreak in the middle of the beach. This was a sweet reminder of some of our favorite southern Californa beaches.

Hajodae BeachHajodae BeachHajodae BeachWhat we loved most would have to be the powdery white sand and the clear blue waters. This beach is very similar to Naksan Beach except Hajodae Beach had beautiful rocks near the shorebreak in the middle of the beach. This was a sweet reminder of some of our favorite southern California beaches.

Hajodae Beach

Sunrise in Hajodae

The only downfall is there are not very many places to wander here. The town is very limited and the on either side of the beach we found out is actually military beaches. We stumbled upon one of the military beaches and Scott ended up getting startled by a guy from the Korean Army telling us we had to get off the beach. Unfortunately, for Scott, he was climbing on rocks with his backpack on when the guy scared him and Scott took a tumble into the water landing on more rocks. Luckily, he was not seriously injured and we didn’t get into real trouble for trespassing.

Since there are military around the beach do not be surprised if you see military helicopters fly by and or the military checking the beach. It is a friendly reminder of how close we are to North Korea!


There is a café that is named Bobo’s Café! We had to check it out! They serve coffee and beer out of a mobile home!

Hajodae BeachHajodae Beach

Overall, this beach is absolutely beautiful and the perfect place to go if you want a quiet getaway from the city. Make sure you bring some games or an ipad with movies if you need some entertainment. If you get bored you can always hop on a bus to Naksan Beach where there is a little more happening.

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  • Great time-lapse! We have been recently gotten into time-lapse too. It’s a lot of fun, but also a lot of work (post processing).

    I’ve heard great things about the beaches on the northeastern coast of Korea. We have driven by a lot of them, but never stopped to enjoy them. Gotta add that to my overgrowing list of things to do here.

    • Thanks Meagan, still got some issues and the goal is to actually start learning hyperlapse but its been a lot of fun and frustrating at the same time.

      I recommend Naksan if you can only go to one or the other.

      • We want to do some hyper lapsing too. Dave is more of the brain behind it all… I can’t wrap my head around the technical stuff, but I’m more or less the creative director. We make a good team that way.

        • It’s tough stuff, I am beating myself over the head trying to figure out some of the more techincal things that I want to do. I have three projects I want to finish before I leave and it’s looking tough. Excited to see what you guys come up with!

  • We got about 10 weeks left. So I feel the pressure to practice and try, fail, and try again. We may be back in the future, but are going to take 6 months off for backpacking.

  • Looks beautiful and quite spacious like Naksan, though less crowded it seems. Man the east coast rules! Great work on the time lapse. It looks good.

    • Thanks Duke, the east coast definitely has won us over. We will definitely be living in that area if we teach again in Korea.

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