Haewoojae the Toilet Museum in Suwon

Haewoojae Toilet Museum in Suwon

Golden Bowels

You read it right, we aren’t sh*ttin you here.  In Suwon, there is an entire museum dedicated to the toilet. Naturally we had to take a whiff while visiting Suwon. Assembled by the mayor of Suwon City, Mr. Sim Jae-duck (aka Mr. Toilet) decided enough is enough, these toilets are gross we need to improve toilets and start the Toilet Culture Movement of the 1990s.

 A few fun facts about Mr. Toilet!

*Mr. Toilet turned his actual home into this toilet shaped museum!

*He was born in a toilet!

*He was passionate about the Toilet Culture Movement until the day he died.

*This guy clearly loved toilets.

How Haewoojae Began 

It just so happened that the FIFA World Cup was coming to Korea in 2002 and they needed to get their sh*t together and get their porcelain pots up to standards of the western culture for this international event.

Haewoojae Toilet Museum in SuwonThe next obvious step is to open up a giant toilet shaped museum dedicated to this movement. Inside the museum you will find the history of the Toilet Culture Movement, life size cardboard cut outs of Mr. Toilet, and hand drawn images of various poops and pooping animals by young kids. There was even a special exhibit dedicated to “animal excrements” on the second floor.

Haewoojae Toilet Museum in Suwon

Haewoojae Toilet Museum in Suwon

The most intriguing part of this crap castle is the outdoor park. Pose with any of the pooping statues and learn a little bit about how great you have it in the modern world when it comes to taking a dump.
Check out a few the different statues with their backstory below along with our rating on how gross we thought it was.

1/5 –Ew!

2/5- Poop! That’s gross!

3/5- Crap, that’s disgusting!

4/5- I’ve lost my appetite.

5/5- Sh*t, that’s nasty!


Haewoojae Toilet Museum in Suwon

Rope Burn

Mitssitgae- This scary looking statue is not a boy tied up and held prisoner with his own poops. This is actually a method of wiping yourself after dropping a load. There was no toilet paper, so why not reuse this rope?

4/5 I’ve lost my appetite.


Tongshi– At first glance this toilet seems innocent for the old fashioned days. But then your mind is blown when you find out the truth about this crappy pot. This toilet is famous on Korea’s beautiful Jeju Island. Jeju Island is also famous for its delicious pork. Well guess what your delicious food is eating? You guessed it, your crap. Poop in the hole, let the animal eat it, eat the animal. Sounds delicious right? Nope.

5/5 CRAP, that’s nasty!


Haewoojae Toilet Museum in Suwon Haewoojae Toilet Museum in Suwon


Ho Ja

Haewoojae Toilet Museum in SuwonHo Ja– This urinal was used to make people get a little smile while they relieved themselves. It also just goes to show Korea loved cutesy things even in their primitive times. The urinal is supposed to resemble a tiger with its mouth open catching your pee. Maybe that’s why there are no tigers in the wild here anymore????

1/5 Ew.

This is a fun, free place that you have to see if you are in Suwon. It does not take long to cover the grounds so you do not need much time. Enjoy the history and admire this guy’s dedication to the toilet.

Admission: FREE!

Hours: 10:00 – 5:00 (Nov.-Feb)

10:00 – 6:00 (March-Oct.)

closed on major holidays and MONDAYS!

Directions to Haewoojae:

City Bus: 5, 36, 63, 64, 65, 92, 98, 99, 310, 400-1, 990

Town Bus- 2-1, 2-3, 2-5, 21

Get off at Dongwon High School Stop. Walk past the middle school and high school. (~7 min)

Taxi from Hwaseong is roughly 8,000 KRW

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