Goodbye Korea

It’s been nearly two weeks since we finished teaching English in Korea. It’s all gone so quickly we haven’t really been able to reflect on it. But now that we have been away for awhile it feels like the right time to sit down and think about what Korea and this last year has meant for me.


Like many, I came to Korea for two reasons: Money & Travel. Travel as much as I could in the country and save to travel outside the country when the year is up. If you define success based on those two things alone. Than this has been one of the more successful years of my life and I am extremely grateful to Korea for it.

We’ve travelled to nearly every region of Korea except for Jeju (due to time and budget restraints) and saved up just around 32,000 dollars. Not too shabby, but there are definitely a few other things that will make Korea an amazing year for not only me, but Megan and I. If you are considering saving money for travel, this may be the perfect option for you. Here are some added bonuses.

During the year you will grow far outside your comfort zone. Even though we are teaching a language that we grew up with and have no problem doing. It’s intimidating coming to another country and working in a foreign environment. With constant struggles right out of the gate. But after finishing a couple months this new lifestyle becomes the norm and you no longer feel the pressure. The best part is gaining the confidence in yourself to no longer have to know everything to know you can succeed. I still get scared that we don’t know exactly what were going to do next, but think that’s the fun part of it as well.

If there is one thing I think everybody, myself especially, can and should learn, It’s patience. You can’t ever have too much and I desperately need all of it. But dealing with kids, crazy customs, ajummas (old grannies), and getting lost really teaches you how to deal with patience. Good news (or bad news depending on how you look at it) is you get to practice your “patience” every freaking day. While I don’t always roll with tide I have been able to let go of my expectations a lot more and that has really made a huge impact on my happiness.

For me Korea has been just one step in a longer goal. Of saving for my retirement while I travel now. The starting step of a journey that I am not sure where it will take Megan and I. The first step went extremely smoothly and I cannot recommend it enough for those of you who are looking as an opportunity to travel and save money. There are tons of choices out there, but there will never be a moment where I regret my time in Korea.

Thank you Korea for being an awesome place to spend a year, you will always be a place I will remember with fond memories. I will definitely miss the food, the kids I taught, friendships I have made and memories Megan and I created. But now it’s off to the next step. Cambodia.

Angkor Wat Brahma

Brahma Faces at Angkor Wat

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