Seeing the Best of Angkor Wat in Two Days

Angkor Wat Sunrise
A ngkor Wat is one of the seven wonders of the world and should be on everyone’s travel bucketlist. We spent two full days exploring as many temples as we could in this enormous wonder of the world. We have shared our favorites below in hopes it will help you choose an itinerary of what possible temples to visit for those who want to see Angkor Wat in two days. We didn’t realize how big this place really is, so be sure to give yourself some time.. Some of the sites are over 20 kilometers away from eachother which can make for some tough bike rides in the heat. If you’re not a biker, we recommend hiring a friendly tuk-tuk driver you trust and like to show you around, especially if you only have two days!

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Angkor Wat

During the sunrise is a magical time of day to visit Angkor Wat. Tourists crowd the reflecting pond for photos and monkeys start coming out of the surrounding trees to join visitors at the temple. Absolutely stunning and a must see, even with crowds.

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Angkor Thom

Angkor Thom Entrance

The Infamous Angkor Thom Bridge

This massive temple takes more time to explore inside and out. Covering 10 square kilometers you will find yourself wandering Angkor Thom for at least an hour and half, if not longer. The impressive south gate is worth a few pictures alone depicting the epic story of the churning of the sea of milk. Where demons and gods had to pull the Naga (5 headed snake god) rope for a thousand years to try and get the elixir of youth. Make sure you spend an ample amount of time in the Bayon with heads looking at you from every direction. Don’t forget the Elephant and Lepur King Terraces as well.

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Bayon Heads Black and White

Located inside Angkor Thom is one of the most recognized and mesmerizing temples of Angkor. Walking around you will see face after face carved into all sides of the temple. Spend time here to explore and climb a little to see different perspectives.

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Ta Keo

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Ta Keo is a quick stop as it is a smaller, unfinished temple. While it is still unknown to why the temple wasn’t completed, it is still worth taking a peek.

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Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm Tomb Raider
Ta Prohm has to be on the top of our list as this majestic temple looks like it was swallowed by the jungle and enormous trees. Unique from the other temples of Angkor you will easily recognize this place if you are a fan of Tomb Raider. You feel like you’re in a lost world and after about 200 pictures and at least an hour later you may catch yourself walking back through for more.

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Banteay Kdei & Sra Srang

Banteay Kdei

These are less crowded and worth a visit if you need a peaceful break from the crowds. Although, this temple is less preserved than the others you can still find yourself lost in the ancient beauty of the architecture. This is also the only other current option to see at a sunrise in Angkor. Not bad if you would like a more private start to your morning.

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Neak Pean

* Scott’s Favorite

Neak Pean Entrance

This was an unexpected gem for us and easily became one of our favorites. You enter the temple by walking on a long, narrow, wooden bridge over water and a gorgeous backdrop of reflections and petrified trees on either side. There are landmine survivors that play traditional Khmer music to add to the atmosphere. Once you reach the temple you will notice how unique this is compared to the rest. Situated between pools of water Neak Pean is unlike anything else you’ve seen in Angkor.

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Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei is a bit of a hike on a tuk tuk from the rest of the Angkor temples. Situated about 20 kilometers further than the rest, but worth a visit. The temple itself is smaller in size, but the beauty and detail make it worthwhile. The bas reliefs are in the best condition of all the temples. Get close and admire the detail and craftsmanship into each square inch of this place.

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Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean

Again, Kbal Spean is a hop and skip away via tuk tuk from the rest of the temples. Worth a visit if you are making your way to Banteay Srei. Hike through the jungle to find the River of a Thousand Lingas and beautiful waterfall. Don’t wander off the path here as there are still active landmines known to be present in the area.

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Kbal Spean

*make sure you have clothing/footwear suitable for a small hike.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: took us around 9 hours
Sunrise at Angkor Wat, then breakfast after outside the temple
Angkor Thom & Bayon
Lunch or Snack Time
Ta Keo
Ta Prohm
Banteay Kdei & Sras Srang

Day 2: Took us around 6 hours
Kbal Spean (1.5 hour away from Siem Reap via tuk tuk)
Banteay Srei
Neak Pean

This place is absolutely massive and we recommend soaking it up. Personally we think two days is too fast and that it should be enjoyed and just soak up the fact that you are walking through one of the most amazing places to have ever existed. But hey, we know you got places to be and people to see. We know we definitely want to come back to see more and are sure you will to.

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