Champasak, Laos Through Our Lens (26 Photos)

W e must warn you now. Only visit Champasak if you like majestic beauty, Angkor Wat Temples, absolutely no crowds, fairy tale sunsets, river views and cheap booze. If these are things you don’t like than don’t bother.

Champasak is a sleepy little city in Laos with not much going on in terms of activity. But it’s rich history and stunning beauty offers travelers a place to go and see the wonder of the ancient Khmer Empire all by yourself. If you want a planned break from the backpacking route, and a chance to see some empty Angkor ruins take a trip to Champasak. But don’t trust our words, take a look through our lens for yourself to see if small town in Southern Laos will charm your pants off as much it did for us.

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For more information on Champasak see  Catching up on some R&R in Champasak.

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