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Thakhek Laos
E ver since I was young I can remember being completely mesmerized by caves. Whether it was watching the Travel Channel, Animal Planet, and most recently for me BBC’s amazing “Planet Earth” where they focus on caves I was completely blown away by how enormous, beautiful and eerie these special places where. I always dreamed about being able to go inside all of them. Thakhek, Laos is the starting ground for cave hunting in Laos. Here you will see our favorite photos from our 4 days in Thakhek where we used the city as a stopping point for two different 200km motorbike trips to the nearby caves. Alright enough chatting here’s our favorite photos in chronological order of our adventure, from our bus ride there to our getting chased out of the country by a storm.

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This time I was excited about the opportunity to try and photograph caves and capture the awe I would feel. But like most endeavors didn’t realize how difficult it is to photograph caves! Have a lot of learning to do but here are our favorite photos from our trip to Thakhek, Laos. If you are interested in seeing any of the caves check out last week’s post –  Thakheks Cave Quest in Laos.

In addition here is a really great post by an amazing photographer Jimmy McIntyre about how he went about getting an absolutely stunning cave photo.

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