9 Types of Travelers You Want to Roundhouse Kick

Chuck Norris
W e think everyone should travel the world, or maybe just leave their country at least once in their lifetime. Traveling opens you up to new cultures, new experiences, and the chance to see how differently people live across the world. A lot of people aren’t prepared for what they are getting themselves into when they travel. See our post on the not so glamorous side of travel to see why. We have either experienced or witnessed these people we are about to describe below in action doing things that make you want to channel your inner Chuck Norris and give a good old fashioned round kick.

The One Who “Misrepresents Your Country”

We all have those moments where we hear one of our fellow countrymen/women just totally making us all look like jackasses. For us it was the person who no matter how hard those poor Brit’s tried, she just didn’t understand why the UK is an island if it doesn’t look tropical.

Let us help clear the confusion. An island is like a body of like land surrounded by like a body of water on like all sides, not just like a place that like has pretty palm trees and white sand and stuff, okay? Please people from the UK that day, not all Americans are dumb.

The One Traveller Who’s “Photo is More Important” Than Anyone Else’s

At a tourist attraction where dozens of people are trying to take that iconic photo and there’s always that ONE person that DGAF and steps in front of everyone else ruining their photo. Everyone behind this A-Hole now has a photo of this jabroni infront of this iconic spot since their photo was obviously the most important.

The One Who “Knows it All”

The person who is the keeper of all wisdom. Or, at least they think so. What you’re doing is wrong and what they’re doing is right. Didn’t you know? Their travels are always more authentic, better, cheaper, and more beautiful than yours and they aren’t afraid to tell you.

The One Who “Has to be Heard”

This is the person speaking at 300% volume and wants everyone to hear their life story. They believe their life is interesting enough to have their own E! True Hollywood Story. Sitting 3 tables away? Guess what? You’ll hear all about how drunk they got last night at that full moon party.

The One Who Clearly “DGAF About Offending Locals”

You can see these people putting money on locals heads, taking pictures without asking as if they were zoo animals, telling locals how stupid they are because they don’t understand, sunbathing topless on a beach where it’s against the local customs, or hear them talking about how stupid a local was and how they scammed them out of a dollar. You, my friend, are the worst.

The One Who Asks for “Food Substitutions” 

Not always a nuisance, but when you’re in the middle of nowhere, and there are only 2 things on the menu and the locals barely understand you. It’s probably not the best time to try and substitute your food order or send your food back.

The One Who Has “First World Problems” in a Third World Country

The people who arrive at a small village in the middle of Laos wondering where all the nice hotels are and saying they better not have to sleep in one of those little shacks that the locals live in. Asking questions on a bus like, “where are we going?” Call your mom and ask her to teach you how to use “the google” bro.

The One Who Has a “Bigger Budget” Than You

You’re sleeping in a $15 fan only bungalow in 100 degree heat plus humidity on an island because it’s the cheapest you can afford. While everyone else is enjoying AC in a beautiful ocean view bungalow at least 3x the price, and you hear them say how cheap everything is while our budget for two is only $55 a day. We can’t help but be jealously angry with you and your comforts.


The One Who Has a “Travel Blog”

You know the ones who share their travels with their family and friends back home and think for some reason they are now the expert for where and what you should do everywhere. You can find them huddled behind their shiny new macbook pro worrying about the cost of another coffee.

Leaving your comfort zones of home may leave you not prepared for what’s out in the real world. The truth is we are all probably guilty of a few things that deserve a round house kick from time to time. We are no experts, but we try to respect everyone all of the time. It’s like mom always said, “treat others as you wish to be treated.” Listen to your mother and try to be a better traveler by not being a person that deserves a roundhouse kick.

Know of any other type of traveler that deserves a roundhouse kick straight in the kisser? Share on our comments below!

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