Our Apartment From Hell!

Let me rephrase that, our temporary apartment from Hell. Lesson number one when planning to move to abroad; never pick out an apartment in another country via email with a few photos. You will be disappointed with the outcome. Consider yourself warned. Pay the extra money to stay at a hotel until you can physically see the apartment you are signing up to live in for the next year. Take it from us. We should have known better.


Every Apartment should come with left over food and booze thats just polite. At least they also added the newspaper so we’d have something to read.

After an awkward, sleepless, 4.5 hour plane ride in the middle of the night. We arrived to Seoul from Vietnam exhausted at 5 am. From here we tried to nap on an airport bench for an hour unsuccessfully before we had a meeting and a preview of our new home.


We were flabbergasted when we walked into this place smelling the stench of mildew and wet paint. There was white paint splatters all over the stove, ground, and everywhere.

As a matter of fact, the artist who painted this place decided to paint things they didn’t need to like metal fixtures on the walls and the key that locks the windows. This made it difficult to use the lock feature on the window. I like to imagine what questions this “picasso” must have been asking themselves while painting our apartment.

The smell was horrendous and this living space was way too small for both of our large bodies to live in for an entire year. This place may have been great for one person who doesn’t need much. But for a tall couple who likes to cook and workout at home this was a nightmare.


What even is this?

Exhausted we decided to make finding a bed and go to sleep. It really didn’t sink in until after we woke up that we were stuck in this hole for the next year. Both of us woke up and flirted with the idea of trying to make it work, our optimism dissipated quickly and we both looked at eachother and said “HELL NO.”

I mean look at this picture below. What is going on with the aircon. First it cannot reach the outlet. Second why is it going out the window? You cannot close the window. This is not good not only for when it rains, but just in general.

Two things wrong with this picture. First the aircon cannot reach the outlet. Second why is it going out the window.

I mean c’mon look at that. This is all a joke right?

Luckily, we immediately contacted our boss who then helped us find and move into a new place within a week. They didn’t actually get to see the place before we moved in either and instantly understood why we needed out.

We could go on and on about how terrible this place was, but I think pictures speak louder than words in this case and you should just see for yourselves. Take a gander at our gallery from our apartment from hell!


Have you had a horrible apartment situation? We’d love to hear your horror stories about apartments.

Stay tuned for updates on the new place we will call home for the next year in Seoul! Either via Facebook or Instagram