Garden of the Morning Calm

Life’s been a bit crazy for us lately. Luckily we’ve finally settled into Korea and there has been some stunning weather. So we headed to Korea’s Garden of the Morning Calm to enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The Garden of the Morning Calm is arguably one of Korea’s most beautiful places to relax and enjoy the scenery. This year we have the goal to check it out during all four seasons. During the summer the garden transforms into a picture perfect patch of land nestled between mountains inside the valley of Gapyeong.

I could try to share it with you the experience in words. But I’d much rather show you how wonderful this place is during the summer in my own special way. If you are considering heading to the Garden of Morning Calm check out this quick 30 second hyper-lapse video.

During the winter the Garden of the Morning Calm has a lighting festival where it dawns christmas decorations upon the entire area. Really a cool thing to see.

If you liked this video we’d love for you to follow us for the rest of the year as we will continue to add new ones and show off the different seasons at the Garden of the Morning Calm.

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