Instagram Accounts That Made Us Want To Come Back to Korea

W e have a special love for Korea, and we absolutely enjoy capturing it. When we were back in Vietnam and on the fence of whether or not to come back to Korea for a year we had almost a daily feed of photos from these IG accounts that reminded us how beautiful this country is. Here are the top instagram accounts that made us want to come back to Korea.


A photo posted by Pete DeMarco (@thenomadwithin) on

Pete DeMarco lives in South Korea’s second largest city in Busan. He showcases beautiful photography capturing the beauty of Busan on his instagram account and shares his photography and other travel adventures on his blog.


John Steele is arguably one of our favorite photographers living in Seoul. He captures breathtaking photos all over Korea with his dog as his sidekick. You can also follow his photography and check out his portfolio on his website.


A photo posted by Sungjin Kim (@sjkimphotos) on

Sungjin Kim is another one of our favorite photographer’s in Seoul where Scott finds alot of inspiration from. He’s known for his superb landscape and cityscape photography. You can also check out more of his professional work on his website.


A photo posted by JuWon (@jjuu) on

Not only does Juwon, a popular ig travelista, capture city life from all over the world, this Seoul based photographer’s account features some of the best spots in Korea and a sneak peek into her travels over the world leaving you with a serious case of wanderlust.


Josh is actually the only photographer on this list we met in real life while shooting on a rooftop in Seoul. Not only is he a friendly guy, but his ig account is on a whole new level.


A photo posted by Ken (@seoul_stateofmind) on

Ken is a native Londoner now living in Gwangju, Korea blogging and taking some amazing photos on his instagram feed. Follow his journey on his Korean Lifestyle Blog.


One of our favorite fellow couple travel bloggers and teachers in Korea, Hedger’s Abroad share their travels and life in Yeosu on their instagram account. Not only is this couple extremely photogenic and adorable, but they also have a great blog to read that goes with them!


A photo posted by Scott & Megan (@boboandchichi) on

Do you think I was going to leave us out of this list? Looking back down memory lane from our time in Korea had us itching to come back for more!

Make sure you check out more photos from these wonderful Instagram accounts and websites. You’ll be planning your trip to Korea before you know it!

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