Life’s Sweet in Seoul

Living in Seoul is pretty freaking awesome. Like most things in life I didn’t realize how sweet something was until the second time around. Luckily we got a second chance and I am really hoping to embrace Korea even more than I did before.

So what the hell do I love about Korea? I freaking love the historical aspect of it. Like I genuinely lose it over the fact that I live 20 minutes from some Palaces. Ya you read that right not just one Palace, but PALACES. Korea ain’t messing around when it comes to Palaces, and during the fall they are just the cat’s meow.

They are awesome, if I ever don’t know what to shoot I photograph them! Especially at night.

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The Palaces are also a short walk to some of our favorite places in Seoul, 15 minutes from our favorite restaurant and chilling area in Anguk, 20 minutes from Myeong-Dong and a camera lovers paradise.

Oh don’t even get me started on Yeouido and the Han river.  I just love that all of these things are back at my fingertips and in my backyard. Now that we are settled in I am like a kid in a candy shop.


But what shuts the damn game down is Bukhansan, which is now a 25 minute bike ride from our house. Not only is this place beautiful and have some of our favorite hiking spots, but it boasts arguably the friendliest hikers anywhere the flipping world. Don’t believe me, bring some Makgeolli and say hi to anyone and everyone and you’ll see what I mean.

My first time around none of these things really set in because it was just an means to an end. It was a tool that would allow me to travel and save money for back home. A temporary thing where I could allow any and every inconvenience of Korea just upset me to no end and just count the days until I could leave and check that off my list.

Well when I did leave and travel it became pretty obvious that even though Korea isn’t perfect. She is a beautiful place to call a home. One that I am really excited about being in again, even if just for another year.

Even though there a quite a few things I find mind bogglingly odd about life in Korea, after experiencing a few other countries I quickly came to realize that I had it good in Korea. Don’t get me wrong there are a number of things that Korea does that make me think WTF or that just literally blow my mind with how strange or frustrating things are. But the truth is there are just as many about my home country that I just have learned to accept due to the fact that I grew up there and didn’t know anything differently.


This is the dream!

While ideally I don’t want to have to live in one damn place for too long because I just dream about getting on a motorbike and riding off into the distance. Or fantasize about one day having that all purpose vehicle/camper that Megan and I can take just about any damn where. The truth is I haven’t figured out how to make that a reality.

So until then I will be right here in Seoul, enjoying the hell out of the opportunity to live here and embrace the opportunities here all then meanwhile scheming on how I can make my dreams a reality. I would be honored and flattered if you joined Megan and I on the journey (it will be bumpy, lumpy and maybe even a bit smelly) by supporting us with your like on facebook, or checking out our super duper awesome instagram feed.