This couch perfectly sums up the last two months of our lives.

There’s no way to know from the picture above that there is anything wrong with this couch. Priced under $100 it’s a steal of a deal and the last piece of furniture that would finally get us living off the ground for the past four weeks. We’d be normal adults again.

Then the couch arrived and we had a good laugh. It would get us off the ground, by about 4 inches.



It’s a great couch for people with American girl dolls. But a bit too snug of a fit for the two of us.

But this is kind of how everything has gone for us the last two months. Nothing has been going how we expected and everything has been feeling like it’s five times harder than it needs to be.

It started when we moved to Vietnam for a job but Vietnam crushed our dreams. Then we got a job offer in Korea that we just couldn’t say no to and ended up moving into the apartment from hell ridden with black mold.

The apartment situation was fixed when our boss helped us move into a new place the next week. It got even better when he promised he would have internet set up the very next day before we were even able to get the proper immigration paperwork. (You cannot get anything in Korea without proper immigration paperwork.) Sweet!

Sadly, our glorious travels were finally coming to an end there was some definite depression there. However, we were giddy with excitement at the idea to have a place to call home. A place that boasts one of the world’s fastest internet, to be able to sleep in our own bed, cook in our kitchen and have the ability to wear more than just two outfits.

But then there was a delay of the internet for one more week. No big deal really, what’s one more week without our own internet? A small road bump in this journey. We had the scene from Guardians in the Galaxy where Chris Pratt dances to oooh child things are going to get easier playing in our minds.


One week turned into two, two weeks into four. Each week we wondered if it would finally be the one where we can order our furniture. We finally just ask our boss to order our furniture for us because we don’t want to wait anymore. (again, we can’t order anything without our immigration paperwork)


Five weeks of living/working/eating off the floor!

Meanwhile a complication delays our immigration status by an extra month. Meaning that until then, we can’t get a phone number, open a bank account, but most importantly we can’t get those sweet precious internets.

I am almost embarrassed to say it, but I am honestly learning that I just can’t live without the interwebs. I’m honestly addicted. I hope I am not alone on this because it feels pretty pathetic.

A lot of silly things have been stacking up against us. We learned we could probably get an unlimited cell phone plan and tether the internet in our apartment rather easily even without our immigration paperwork being finalized. Only for our one unlocked iPhone to fail on us the very next day.

Megan needs new passport pages from the American Embassy so we swing down there only for them to tell us we need to book an appointment on Facebook? We could do it right now if we use our phone they say. We don’t have a working phone we say, can we use yours? No, no you cannot!

The timing of it all couldn’t be any worse and it just feels like everything is just a bit more complicated than it needs to be. The worst part is coming home everyday tired and realizing, oh ya there’s no furniture to sit on and no internet to communicate with the rest of the world. The frustration inevitably took its toll on our relationship and caused us to have ridiculous arguments about nothing.

It’s sad but not having internets was really taking its toll on us. Even when one of our posts went viral earlier this week, we had no idea until the day after, relying on friends back in the States to help keep us connected to what was going on. We felt out of sync and even though so many good things were happening to us something was always getting in the way.

I feel like this tiny couch perfectly sums up how everything has just been off for us.

When it comes to life just constantly giving you the business end I believe a lot of people can relate. Sometimes life just isn’t working out the way you hoped, planned, or thought it should be working. At times like these I believe it’s important to try and remember that we all have the ability to change our perspective and see things from a different point of view.

For me, everyday I kept thinking damn I don’t have internet I can’t talk with my family and friends, I can’t plan my photography project, I can’t work on the blog I can’t do this or that. I got tunnel vision and I was seeing everything as a problem and a chore.

It’s hard but it’s important to try to look at it a bit differently. Try to turn your situation into a positive. It isn’t easy, but this is a skill worth having.

To be honest, I have no idea how to turn not having internet into a positive. But Megan and I sat down on our kiddie couch and thought about the bigger picture. About all of the things going right in our lives. And really all of these things are just silly first world problems, we just had our heads in the sand.

Now the couch will be seen as an object to help us whenever life throws us curveballs and we are down in the dumps. We can go to our American doll girl throne and try to think of what is working, instead of what is not working. This tiny couch will be a reminder to make a small shift in our perception of our lives.



I am curious to hear, how do you deal with life when it just seems like nothing is working out, or things are falling to pieces. I would love to know so we can better future meltdowns.

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