Bobo and Chichi are making Vlogs!

We are going to VLOG!!! We are excited to announce we will not only be writing on Bobo & Chichi anymore! Our videos will give you a glimpse of our day to day lives living and traveling abroad. Our vlogs will give you a chance to see what we can’t describe with words. Our goal is that our viewer will get to know us better and Scott really wants to practice shooting and editing.

We are newbies at this, so please be patient (and nice :D) with us as we figure out how this whole vlogging thing works!

We are going to share with your our most recent trip to Fukuoka. We broke up each day into a short videos and will be sharing one each day this week to kick off the beginning of our VLOG.

Here is day one, where we explore the best things to do in Fukuoka.

We hope you enjoy!

If you found this video fun, please share it with your friends or family. We’d love to get your feedback on our videos so we can get better as we continue. So please leave a comment on Youtube for us!

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