How to Deal with the Post Travel Blues

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Just got back from an epic vacation or trip? Bummed out your adventure has come to an abrupt stop? You may be suffering from the post travel blues.

Recently, we just finished eight glorious months of nonstop travel (poor pitiful us, right?) and had to get jobs to fund our future travels. This has been leaving us with an even more serious case of wanderlust and got us feeling blue since our daily life doesn’t consist of searching for caves, hiking to gorgeous waterfalls, or living on idyllic islands.

For anyone who is feeling a bit down after their travels we have some tips on how to deal with the post travel blues.

Become a Weekend Warrior

Camping at Naksan Beach

Try Camping on the Weekends

If traveling made you want to travel more, but you physically can’t because of a job, then we suggest becoming weekend warriors. Have plans on the weekends to adventure something you have never done before. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars, book a flight, or drive across the country in 2 days. Find a new part of the city to explore, find a local hike you have never done, go camping. Make the most of your weekends, treat them like mini vacations, even if you are only 30 minutes away from home.

Take Action for your next trip


Maybe you have to wait another year before you get 7 days off of work again, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning another epic trip! We are already flirting with all the possibilities of places we can go after this year of teaching in Korea. Planning ahead gets you excited about your next vacation instead of dwelling on the fact that your most recent trip is over. Planning for your next trip not only amps you up for your next trip, but you can start setting goals to achieve this trip.

Find a new hobby

Bukhansan during fall

Take A hike!

Your sense of adventure doesn’t have to be only on vacation. Find a new hobby that is adventurous. You could try rock climbing, go hiking, mountain biking, scuba lessons, horseback riding, trail running, marathon training (then you can sign up for a marathon somewhere else in the world like we did in Angkor Wat!), foreign cooking classes, learn a foreign language….you get the gist here. Find something new and try it!

Maybe this vacation was a wakeup call


Our new office

If you feel miserable returning to work after your vacation and you just can’t bear your lifestyle that consider changing your job. Sounds easier said than done, and it may not be easy, but that’s exactly what we did. There are tons of opportunities out there, and there’s something else out there for you. Figure out what your number one priority is. Ours was traveling and saving money, so we took action. Start looking, everyone deserves a lifestyle or job that they don’t dread every day!

These are all the techniques we use to deal with the post travel blues. Do you have any other helpful tips? Share in our comments below!