For Megan’s Birthday We go to Brad Pitt’s AirBNB & Find Things to Do in Yeosu

Brad Pitt in Yeosu

Follow my blog with BloglovinMost weekends we are looking for the best things to do in Korea. But this weekend was a bit special because it was Megan’s Birthday and Halloween all at the same time. We love to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with fun memories instead of actual gifts so we talked to our friends (The Hedgers Abroad) who live in area and asked their advice for the best things to do in Yeosu for Megan’s big two-nine!

The icing on the cake was when we were reserving our AirBnb in Yeosu and received a reply from our host saying that her husband’s name was Brad Pitt and her name was Stella [Artois.] From that moment we knew Megan was going to have a great birthday. It’s not everyday you get to stay in Brad Pitt’s Airbnb.

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We used this trip as another chance to practice our vlogging skills. You can check out the video embedded below.

For those of you who prefer reading here’s a summary of our trip to Yeosu.

We asked our friends from Hedgers Abroad for some advice on the best activities to do for a weekend trip and they were full of helpful suggestions. Seriously, if you are ever considering a weekend getaway, or even a day trip to Yeosu you should check out their blog. Every recommendation they had from activities, places to see, and food in Yeosu made our trip and Megan’s birthday all that more memorable.

Day 1 in Yeosu

We went off script for lunch and found some fried chicken in Yeosu-Dong that was so filling we had to waddle our way to a taxi. We then took a taxi to Ungcheon which is a charming little seaside area with some of Yeosu’s best food options. We literally just sat for about an hour and half by a vending machine game people watching, as we were overwhelmingly full.

After waking up from our food coma we played the vending game called “luxury love push.” Where I, like a true hero, won Megan 3 gifts out of the machine! Making it for sure the best birthday Megan has ever had.

Our favorite part of day 1 was heading over to the Yeosu Expo area to ride the cable cars to watch the sunset at Dolsan Park. We made a fun time-lapse of the cable car with Megan’s iPhone. It’s crazy how good it looks.

A birthday cannot be complete with out some selfies so we tried to step up our game with some selfies.

It got a bit too dark for us to continue hiking in Dolsan Park but we tried to find the Penis Tree anyway. No luck there. Pooped out, we decided to head back to Brad Pitt’s place and call it a night.

Day 2 in Yeosu

We met up with the Ryan and Stephanie Hedger as they graciously showed us around in their car! Yeosu is a bit spread out so it is pretty much a must to own a car.

They took us to a delicious shabu restaurant in Yeosu-dong that was absolutely delicious but the highlight of the day was when they introduced us to Screen Baseball! Seriously this is some next level batting cages sh*t and was unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Imagine batting cages, with an interactive movie projector that is hooked up to a computer game! You gotta see it because I don’t know baseball well enough to explain but it’s at the very end of the video. We are looking out for these in Seoul because they are amazingly fun.

Screen Baseball in Yeosu

Stephanie was the MVP of the game, hitting three homers. Sadly we lost 7-12 or something like that but it was a great time.

I think Megan’s birthday was a huge success thanks to Larry Loudmouth, Brad Pitt and of course the excellent suggestions by the Hedgers. Thanks again everyone and if you are ever planning a trip to Yeosu consider consulting the Hedgers Abroad Blog here.

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