That Time Megan Got Cow Shit Thrown at Her by the Local Kids (Behind the Scenes)

I want to share with you a hilarious story about one of our first and most memorable times shooting a “Walk With Us.” It is all thanks to that cute little girl in the pink in the photo. The closest thing to the devil we have ever met.

This Girls about to Slap Megan's Boob!

This Girls about to Slap Megan’s Boob!

We were in Don Det, Laos. A lazy paradise that was also an island in the middle of a land-locked country.

The scenery was really beautiful and it had this really interesting walkway down the island. We planned on walking a couple hundred steps and then ending the video on a reveal of just a pretty part of the neighboring island.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 4.08.56 PM

An innocent enough looking scene

Everything was going very smoothly until 1/3rd of the way into the project this group of local kids came out and were basically just staring at Megan. We passed them and the crowd of kids grew. Then they started to follow us. We take each photo one step at a time so we are going super slow.

The kids are giggling, laughing, looking at Megan and just walking along with us which after I do a quick check of the video I realize they are either not going to show up in it or be a really interesting addition to the video, and just kinda laugh with Megan guessing at what the kids might be thinking is going on.

A few minutes later this adorably cute girl, who appears to be the leader of the pack is getting more and more comfortable with us and starts trying to talk to Megan. Then all the kids get comfortable and mimic Megan and I.

Basically every time I take a photo I say, “OK,” Megan and I both take a step and repeat the process. So to them it sounds like this, “Ok…OK…OK…OK…OK…OK…OK…” you get the idea.

So there is a bunch of local kids now just walking along Megan and I saying OK over and over.

It’s seriously as adorable and cute as it sounds. But it didn’t stay that way for long.

Now that everyone was getting comfortable with what was going on the ring-leader decided to step it up a notch. Before I tell you what happened I’d love you to guess what this little girl started doing to Megan.

If you guessed slapping the shit out of  Megan’s BOOBS you woulda been correct.

YUP! She would walk a few steps over, start running and then slap Megan’s boobs and keep running a few steps. Realizing that Megan is basically stuck repeating this motion for who know how long.We slowed down the frames and turned ’em into a gif for you to see.

Megan Gif_Final

You can see the girl in pink and red start slapping Megan in the video until she scares them and they run to the bridge.

The kids all found this hilarious and at first we didn’t know how to respond. We were in complete shock! I mean WTF right. The attention the kids were giving the girl only made her do it more until it was like holy shit we have a serious situation.

Megan scared off the kids, by shooing them away and yelling “no!” But it only got them about five feet away from her. Eventually they did run about 10-15 feet away and watched us from a bit of a distance. The only problem was we were slowly walking towards them.

This is where things turned to shit. Literally. The leader, along with the other kids, were grabbing cow-shit by the handfuls and hurling them high in the air at Megan and laughing histerically.

OH HELL NO! It was on.

So I did what any self-respecting calm and reasonable adult would do. I made an x in the ground, held my camera and tripod over my head and just charged the kids like I was doing a battle cry for the movie BraveHeart.”AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

You should have seen it Mom. You would have been so proud.

Granted I’m a grown ass adult and I should know how to deal with kids, especially considering I had just finished teaching english in Korea for the last year. But something about having these kids shoveling shit at my girlfriend during the very first time we were ever trying to shoot one of these videos just made me lose my shit.

My Braveheart impersonation worked like a charm. For all of 5 minutes and the kids started inching forward and forward. So about every 5 minutes I made another x in the ground (to remember my place for the shoot) and charged them. Each time I would have to run a bit farther and farther as they kept growing bigger and bigger balls.

This entire ordeal went on for almost an hour-and-a-half. When finally I chased them so far away through a couple of rows of local homes that when they did come back we were finally finished and it was time to grab a cold refreshing beer-laos and sit back in a hammock.

Here is the finished video. It’s only 15 seconds long but comes with a pretty epic story. See if you can spot the kids in the video in full speed.

If you like these videos we share a lot more of them on our instagram account so connect with us there. I am working super hard on these and really trying to improve, so if you have any feedback, suggestions, ideas and or tips. I beg you to leave them in the comments below.

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