Becoming the Art at the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae [Video]

Trick Eye Museum

We love the 3D art that people make on the sidewalks that has been made famous by the internet in recent years. When we learned that Korea has some of the most trickeye museums in the world we had to go to one for a fun date. Last year we went to two (now there is only one.)  trickeye museum in Insadong that was really fun and when our friend from Life outside of Texas told us there was one in Hongdae offering to let us go for free we knew it would be a ton of fun.

Not only did we decide to take a tripod to get some fun photos of ourselves we decided we might as well make a video because these places can be pretty fun. Since we’ve know been to three trickeye museums in Korea we couldn’t help but compare them. So far out of all the ones we have gone to the trickeye museum in Hongdae is our favorite. It’s a bit more spacious, has more artwork and other activities to do as well. Check out the video below for a full recap.

If you wanna see Korea’s more wild side be sure to follow along with us either on Facebook or our youtube channel because on tuesday we will be sharing our experience at the Love Museum which is completely raunchy, hilarious and NSFW by any standards.

If you know someone that may find this information fun or interesting please share, maybe its someone considering moving to Korea, or looking for a fun date idea. Sharing is caring.

You can get your discounted tickets for both the Love Museum and Trick Eye Museum from KKday!

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