The Road to 42K – Month 4

Hey there, it’s month 4 on our road to saving 42,000 while living and teaching english in South Korea. Unfortunately it just took a bad turn.

The won dropped or the dollar raised, or both. Whatever it is, we lost about $700 last month 🙁 just due to the decrease in won.

Note: Earnings, Money Spent, and Savings are for TWO PEOPLE


Total in
Korean Won
Total in

Our earnings for November. My free-lance work didn’t reach the threshold to get paid so there is nothing to document.

Money Spent

Total in
Korean Won
Total in

In November we didn’t go on any trips. Opting instead to work on our photography projects and do activities in Seoul

  • Weekend 1 – Everland/Gangnam – $40
  • Weekend 2 – Changdeokgong Palace/Apujeong – $75
  • Weekend 3 – DDP/Seoul – $50
  • Weekend 4 – Trick-Eye museum / Hongdae – $60
  • Total for four weekends $225

As soon as we got our paycheck we payed an additional $700 into Megan’s account since we went over last month and need to save some extra cash for our Hawaii trip. We needed $400 back lol so we only saved $300.


Groceries this month were close to $900! Hey we did have to go two times this month which is odd and spent almost $200 on thanksgiving day supplies! Whoops.

In addition we spent $800 on a new camera lens and camera backpack for Scott.

For the whole month we spent about 2,500. Which is $300 below our budget. Not bad things considering.

Next month we don’t plan on being so boring, we have a few fun trips lined up and a Snowboarding Trip we are super excited about.


Saved in October
Road to 42K
Month 3 of 12
In All Banks

Current Standings

We broke the 50k club which is exciting but at our current projections it looks like we are $6,000 short of our goal.

Making it even more imperative that we ween ourselves off of needing to teach english and pursue our nomadic life-style.

To compensate for the loss in savings we will be adding $100,000 krw into our savings account each week for the next 8 months. Which should recoop $2,900 barring any unforseen setbacks.

Yet just another great reminder why it is good to write these things down. Might not have ever noticed this until the end of the year.

Even though we are sad we may not save 42 grand in one year, it will still be close. Especially if we can launch our hyper-lapse photography project.

Start saving with us today and watch your savings grow!

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Goals Towards online Business

Our online goals are coming along slowly. We have figured out two things that we think we can do.

We are going to tackle them one at a time.

The first one we will tackle is my Hyper-Lapse Photography course. I intend to build a community of people who are interested in learning hyper-lapse photography and teaching them what I know. 99% of it will be free information. However if people want to pay for additional instructions and 24/7 support they can have that option.

Currently working on writing a free PDF book on how to do hyper-lapse photography. Several people have already signed up to get notified when that is ready which is pretty exciting. It will be a standalone site completely seperate from bobo and chichi so don’t worry you won’t ever see anything about it once it is live unless you have opted in.

Once we see how that works we will tackle our second project. We hope to finish the course within the next 60 days! Very exciting/nerve-wracking.

A huge thank you!

If you read all of this I just want to take a moment and give you a huge thank you for giving us your time. While I am in no means an expert at this yet I am passionate about figuring out how to ween myself off being dependent of teaching english and looking forward to sharing along the journey as we go along.

If you have any knowledge about saving money in Korea or getting an online business started please share your tips and tricks in the comments below. It would absolutely make my day and mean so much to me.

P.S. If you are interested in following along this journey with us we would be happy to have you. We will update this series every month. They will most likely be quite a bit shorter as we jammed the last three months in here.

We’re ready to take this relationship to the next level. If  you are consider connecting with us on your favorite social network sites. Just click your favorite link.

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– Scott

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