Monkeys and Rollercoasters in this Hyper-Lapse of Everland.

Excited to start a new style on the blog. We are going to be marrying the hyper-lapse videos we make and learn to use them to tell our travel stories. We look forward to creating fun and exciting short videos that share a location in our own unique little way and have great memories to look back on when we get older. Awww.

If you were to stalk us from a distance so we were in our natural element and watched us go to Everland (Korea’s biggest and bestest themepark) you would probably see a scene very close to this video. We are creatures of habits. Our trips to Everland have two major staples. Megan freaking out and running to see the ring tailed lemurs in the Friendly Monkey Valley and of course the one and only T-Express rollercoaster.

Fun factoid about us. Megan loves animals. So much so that she fantasizes about having one that travels around the world with us. We talk about it out loud all the time. It’s a ring-tailed lemur named Larchmont that hangs out with us but is very independent. He is always concocting get rich quick schemes with other local animals we see walking around in Korea. Everland is one of his favorite places to go as well since all his friends are there. Larchmont always makes us visit them first. We seriously spend at least an hour just kinda watching the monkeys. We’re a bit nutty, we know.

Lemur at Everland

Meet Larchmont


Such cute little guys!

Besides ring tail lemurs, Everland has chimpanzees, the infamous Japanese Macaq, golden snub nose monkeys, spider monkeys, and squirrel monkeys to name a few. We normally watch them from a nearby bench while we eat our packed lunch. Afterwards we make our way to the king of all rides at Everland, T-Express. T-Express has something called a  QPass (quick passes that let you skip the line during certain hours) but we didn’t know what time we would want to do the shoot, so we opted for the single rider line so we could still skip the wait. Seriously single rider is the best. What shoulda been a 70 minute wait was 5! The only negative to that was for recording the video of the roller coaster. It probably would have been better to sit in the front.

Everland T-Express

Everland, Korea’s biggest wooden rollercoaster!

Nothing can quite cap off an adrenaline pumping thrill ride like a draft beer. So we head down to the cutest part of Everland (Holland Village) and grab a couple draft beers to toast and see what we should do next. If it’s late, we’ll head to Gangnam to get our favorite Dak Galbi.

A part from those two things everything else is up in the air. Sometimes we will try on all the crazy hats and head accessories, sometimes we’ll check out the parades, check out some of the rides like the shooting game. Our other favorite ride (Korea’s version of it’s a small world) is now closing to become a soccer boat ride which we just cant wrap our minds around.

If you could only go to Everland one time, we recommend going during October. The place has haunted mazes and mansions and they have people walking through in some pretty crazy/awesome outfits.
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But no trip to Everland isn’t complete in our books without those two things.

Tech Specs:

The whole shoot is hand-held.

There are 450 photos and one 2 minute video clip in this.

The 450 photos were all shot on a Canon 60D.


  • av mode
  • iso 100
  • f/6.3
  • white balance = cloudy
  • manual focus
  • no intervalometer

The video portion on the T-Express was done with a Go Pro. I actually found that the looser I held the Go Pro during the ride the easier it was to hold and the less shaky it was.

The video was shot in 4k, then stabilized in After Effects. To get the hyper-lapse feel I exported the video out as a jpeg sequence. The two minute sequence rendered out nearly 3600 photos.  120 seconds x 29 photos per second. I only needed one out of every four photos. So I deleted 3 out of every 4 photos the jpeg sequence created.

Visit if you would like to learn how to create hyperlapse videos yourself!

If you have any feedback on how we can make these types of posts better please let us know! We are all ears. Especially if you know the proper encoding for Vimeo/Youtube.

Want to experience Everland yourself? You can buy your tickets in advance online to avoid a long wait!

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