Discovering a Raccoon Cafe in Seoul

Raccoon Cafe in Seoul

Move over dog and cat cafes, there’s a new critter in Seoul to hang out with in a cafe and it’s a raccoon! You heard me, RACCOONS!!!! If you can’t tell, discovering a raccoon cafe in Seoul made me really excited. Even as a kid, I’ve always loved these little ring tailed bandits.

Raccoon Cafe in Seoul

In case you missed it, recently I shared a post about different kinds of cafes in Korea. Well, about a week later I learned of the raccoon café in Seoul and we had to find it.

Located in Hyewha, conveniently close to Ihwa Mural Village, these two activities can easily be done in the same day! Bear in mind, the café size is small, so there may be a wait to hang out with these little critters. We went on Saturday afternoon and had about a 20-minute wait. We came back on a Wednesday evening and there was no wait and a lot less of a crowd.

Raccoon Cafe in Seoul

The Rules

Once you get inside the café, you will pay an admission of 6,000 KRW and can buy an optional drink for around 2,000 KRW each. You will be handed a list of rules, and be shown a table.

Raccoon Cafe in Seoul

The raccoons won’t exactly come up and cuddle with you, you will most likely have to get your petting in while they pass by quickly wandering from one room to another. They also have homemade jungle gyms and planks hanging from the ceiling where they can walk and roam about. The raccoons were pretty active when we first arrived, but after about 15 minutes of being in the café all the little guys went to sleep in different nooks and crannies scattered around the café. When we went back on Wednesday evening they were alot more energetic playing with eachother and running around the jungle gyms in the ceiling!

Raccoon Cafe in Seoul

We would have to say the raccoon cafe is definitely a unique experience! With cat and dog cafes becoming more abundant in Seoul, it’s a nice alternative if you love hanging out with animals and coffee as much as we do!

If you want to see what it’s like inside the cafe, check out our video below! Just a warning though it’s cuter than a billion buttons.

Directions to Raccoon Cafe in Seoul:

Hyewha Station exit 4, walk towards the CGV and it’s in the same building as Etude House.

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Raccoon Cafe in Seoul

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