The Road to 42k Month Seven

How we saved 42 thousand dollars in korea

Woot woot it is month seven of our monthly savings check-in. We are over the hump and now that winter is nearly over we will start traveling the country more in a last hurrah as we get ready for our next adventure.

This month we finally transferred all of our money. 18 million to be exact. We were just a bit worried about not taking action.

Note: Earnings, Money Spent, and Savings are for TWO PEOPLE


Total in
Korean Won
Total in

We are salaried so like normal our earnings are always the same.

We had a few major expenses this month. One was a super fun last hurrah winter snowboarding trip in Gapyeong. We splurged and had a ton of fun. Things are getting old that need replacing and we have been investing money into ourselves. Megan is taking a blogging course, and I am taking a photography course, as well as trying to find a video editing course.

Now its time to see where the heck all our monies go.

Money Spent

Total in
Korean Won
Total in
Trips – Total of 1,035,000 krw or $1101.92

Weekend trips have been a bit light. As we reinvest our money in improving our blogging, and photography we have to spend some time working on them. As well as trying to write my gosh darn e-book.

Everything Else Total – 1,571,000 ($1,903)

  • Groceries – 475,000 krw
  • Replacing shoes and worn out clothes – 180,000
  • Miscellaneous stuff (coffee’s, snacks, danger-ju’s etc…)= 100,000 krw
  • Transportation – 200,000 krw
  • Utilities – 125,000
  • Rent – 0 krw.
  • Blogging & Photography Courses – 310,000
  • Date Nights – 181,000


Saved in February
Road to 42K
Month 7 of 12
In All Banks

Current Standings

We have nearly 15k that is now in U.S. banks. For the next two months we will be saving our money and then going to itaewon and converting our money into USD and then just take that with us on our vacation to Hawaii. We will just carry all the cash and transfer it when we get to the states, saving the money and headache from transfer fees.

It’s exciting to have the decision of what to do with our money off of our shoulders. Whether we made the perfect decision or not isn’t so important to us. But that we finally did something instead of just waiting and hoping.

As of now we are still on track to save 42 million won. We will see how much USD that is when it’s all said and done!

Goals Towards online Business

I have never tried to write an E-book. I am learning very quickly that it is a challenge. I want this to be well written and easy to understand. Easier said than done.

You know when it all make sense in your head but when you try to explain it to a friend or someone the words just don’t come out quite right? That’s kinda what happens and when there are pictures and each time I decide to add or remove a picture the whole entire layout gets changed. Tricky.

My goal was to have an E-book done three weeks ago and start working on an actual online course with assignments. So far that has fallen behind.

Our hyper-lapse photography is starting to gain some traction. We have recently been featured by the Tourism Board in Korea, and on two influential instagram accounts, Instagood and NYCPrimeshots.

Exciting to see that people are enjoying the work we are creating and we hope to continue to weave our hyper-lapse photography into our story telling and improve our skills.

If you are intersted in learning hyper-lapse photography please sign up to get the e-book for free when it is done. It will only be free the first month. Visit

Cheers –

A huge thank you!

If you read all of this I just want to take a moment and give you a huge thank you for giving us your time. While I am in no means an expert at this yet I am passionate about figuring out how to ween myself off being dependent of teaching english and looking forward to sharing along the journey as we go along.

If you have any knowledge about saving money in Korea or getting an online business started please share your tips and tricks in the comments below. It would absolutely make my day and mean so much to me.

P.S. If you are interested in following along this journey with us we would be happy to have you. We will update this series every month. They will most likely be quite a bit shorter as we jammed the last three months in here.

We’re ready to take this relationship to the next level. If  you are consider connecting with us on your favorite social network sites. Just click your favorite link.

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– Scott

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