bobo and chichi are getting hitched.

Big news! Big News! We’re getting hitched!


This past week we took our vacation from Korea to Hawaii and went on a hike to the Lanakai pillboxes for the proposal.

Let me back up a moment. I’ve known for nearly two years that I was going to marry Megan, aka chichi. My biggest question was how? I wanted it to be something memorable and that we could watch and relive our travels together but didn’t have anything figured out. Then one day I watched one of Rob Whitworth’s Flowmotion videos and saw how he could follow someone. I knew right away I was just going to do a mashup of all the iconic places Megan and I went to over the time. I waited two years to ask Megan because I wanted to learn how to do it well and have enough fun clips to make a fun and memorable video for us to relive.

We started our journey in Korea and you may or may not know this, but Megan left a well-paying career with a promising future to follow me to Korea. She’s sacrificed a lot to be my side and I we have absolutely no idea what our future has in store for us. But we do know that it will be together.

Keeping this a secret from Megan was a bit tough. When we first started these it took 5 hours to shoot a 15 second clip. Luckily, Megan loved the videos and thought they were so fun to rewatch and relive some of the places we have been together that she was cool with shooting them. Then when tripods and equipment broke or malfunctioned on a shoot we had to improvise and realized we could do them without a tripod. Again, Megan just loved the idea and said let’s shoot more and more making it easy to hide the ultimate goal of this video for the proposal.

The Lanakai Pillbox hike was a perfect setting for proposal. It had 360 panoramic views of the island and was only a twenty minute hike. Definitely the best effort to reward ratio. Although, there were a few hiccups along the way, it started raining and I was having a minor freakout worrying that the wind and rain was going to ruin the day. Luckily it went away and Megan said yes! Not sure what I woulda done had she said no. The family brought champagne and amazing shirts to celebrate and from now on the Lanakai Pillboxes will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Check out the video and let us know what you think. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Well, just thought we’d let you know! It’s time for us to go back to the engagement festivities.

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Scott has been traveling with his Fiancé Megan since 2014. Prefers slow travel, beer, spicy food, and motorbikes. When Scott isn't thinking about travel he is either shooting hyperlapse or speaking about hyperlapse photography at international conferences. I love travelling and learning. Currently trying to learn how to take better photographs, use this website, and begin travelling the world. Life goals to have Anthony Bourdain's job and travel through India on a motorbike!