Hyper-Lapse Test at DDP in Seoul

Hi there. By now may have seen that we have basically been on a goal to create short instagram version hyper-lapse a week to be used in a few different ways.

  1. We will use this style of photography to tell our stories and our experiences as we travel.
  2. In addition we wanted to really nail down the technique and learn what we needed to improve to figure out how to explain the steps to shoot and edit just about any hyper-lapse sequence.

We are finally there. Besides launching the E-book we intend to create an online video course where we will film the shooting, processing and editing of the entire thing and put them into a course that you can download and follow along at your convenience. We hope to do this all before we leave Korea in about 4-5 months.

We’ve chosen a location that we feel is unique and creates a lot of interesting challenges in shots.We will be hiring a videographer to film us so we can explain the rhyme and reason behind everything. From why we are choosing this shot, how exactly will we prep for each shot and make sure we get the right results. You can see how weplan each shot, communicate, and execute each of the sequences.

That location will be the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, Korea. We think it is a beautiful and endlessly fascinating place and will give the opportunity for the best learning experience in real life situations.

This video is a short practice session we shot to get an idea for what we wanted to include. There will be many more scenes in the final video as we will also want to show the transition from day to night and how the building lights up. But what we were most worried about was how to enter and exit the building.

This sequence was entirely shot hand-held with very little stabilization done to it. In total there are 514 photos all shot in raw on a canon 60D with a tamron 16-300mm lens. All photos were shot at f 6.3 with varying iso and shutter speeds.

Have you ever been to do the DDP? II’d love your feedback and to know what types of shots you’d love to learn or any features about the DDP that you think should be included. Feel free to include a link to your photos in the comment.

If you are interested in learning Hyper-Lapse Photography feel free to sign up here.

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Scott has been traveling with his Fiancé Megan since 2014. Prefers slow travel, beer, spicy food, and motorbikes. When Scott isn't thinking about travel he is either shooting hyperlapse or speaking about hyperlapse photography at international conferences. I love travelling and learning. Currently trying to learn how to take better photographs, use this website, and begin travelling the world. Life goals to have Anthony Bourdain's job and travel through India on a motorbike!