Spring in Korea has Officially Arrived

It’s that time of year when we start to see vegetation and signs of life again after those cold, dead winter months. Being a person who is strongly affected by weather and sunlight, those final cold, long, grey, and dead looking winter months always make me feel a bit blah. So when spring does finally arrive I instantly snap back into place and feel jazzed about every freaking single day. Some of the first signs that spring in Korea has officially arrived include pops of color from yellow forsythia bushes, bright pink camellia bushes, and our favorite blooming cherry blossom trees.


Since the south of Korea sees these colorful signs of spring first, we took a weekend trip down to the coastal city of Yeosu to visit some friends of ours, Hedger’s Abroad who gave us a tour of their best cherry blossom locations. You can see all of Yeosu’s best spring flower locations and beautiful photos capturing them on their blog here. 

We started off our weekend with a perfect little picnic spot off a small pathway with a canopy of cherry blossom trees. This quiet spot was beautiful and also offered impressive views overlooking Yeosu where you could see small, white clusters of trees scattered throughout the city. We used this time to take a few flower selfies of our group as well as eat some tasty, gourmet kimbap and sip on Korea’s magical alcoholic elixir, makgeolli. That felt the perfect way to kickstart our weekend; friends, flowers, food, and delicious drinks!

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The rest of the afternoon was spent going from more cherry blossom locations to scenic spots all over Yeosu including the island of Ogdondo and Dolsan, tourist spots right next to Yeosu Expo. From there we enjoyed the sunset and watching the city start lighting up as darkness took over the sky.

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Our second day ended up being rainy and we finished off the weekend with some delicious food and coffee before we departed on the KTX train back to Seoul. The entire ride back the two of us talked about how excited we were spring has arrived and started planning out what we had to do and see in our last few months of weekends we had left in Korea before we leave again. We started getting excited for the lanterns coming next month for Buddha’s birthday, hiking the mountains of the different national parks, guerrilla camping on the beaches off of the east coast, and shooting more hyperlapse videos of our favorite memories here.

Now that we are back in Seoul, the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom. We are excited have another full week to explore our city’s cherry blossom hotspots in the mornings before we have to get to work. We are also looking forward to everything we can squeeze into our final months in Korea.

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