Strolling Seoul for Some Cherry Blossoms [Hyper-Lapse Video]

Before we headed off to Hawaii to go and get engaged Megan and I went on a hunt for some Cherry Blossoms. We thought it would be a fun way to visit a bunch of different cherry blossoms in Seoul. We went out everyday the week before we went to Hawaii but unfortunately they were only in bloom in a couple locations at the time.

The only two places we found any decent blossoms were at the World Cup Stadium by our apartment and at Seokchon lake. Here’s the video.

I am struggling to decide if I can justify upgrading to a full frame camera that can also take more pictures per second to make these videos a bit smoother. I’d love your feedback on the video. Specifically what you think about the following subjects like the birds, people, and the roller coaster. If you think it’s too fast, have just right or have suggestions on other ideas. Love to hear them in the comments below.

If you are interested in learning how to do hyper-lapse photography you can get the “Ultimate Guide to Hyper-Lapse Photography ” here.


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