Come Walk With Us – Hawaii Edition

Hawaii has always been hailed as a magical place by people all over the world. For travellers near and far its synonmyous with luxury, beauty, and hollywood film locations, and all they want to have is fun and entertainment in Hawaii.

Last month we got to make it a bit more special especially for the two of us by getting engaged there.

My mom grew up in Lanikai and being the lucky lil devil I am to have her as my mom we took annual family vacations there.

Lanikai Panorama

Growing up our family vacations were something I always looked forward too and have some of my happiest memories reliving.

I wanted to share some of my favorite things with you guys.

Through a hyper-lapse of course. I mean come on thats kinda what we do now.

My favorite memories, new and old, are experiencing the hair raising rush of jumping out of a perfectly good plane. I think it actually instilled in me a freakish fear of heights.

The thrill and pure terror of swimming with the sharks on purpose, and yes, even by accident.

Watching pro and amateur surfers/body boarders get barreled at Pipeline.

When it comes to snorkeling or scuba-diving I am kind of a waterboy. I don’t ever want to get out. So one of my all time favorites is going to Haunama Bay and checking out all the little fishies.

I’ve done them countless times and will most likely do them countless more.

When I knew Megan and I would have the opportunity to visit my family in Hawaii it just seemed like the perfect place to get engaged. Everything fell together with the help of family and for now, this will be my favorite trip to Hawaii.

For us Hawaii became just a bit more magical. As always we invite you to come walk with us through our fun hyper-lapse videos. Check it out below.

Come Walk Us Hawaii Technical Details

I love talking about photography and especially hyper-lapse. If you are interested in the process and want free tips on hyper-lapse photography or just want to learn hyperlapse photography click here. Here’s some of the technical specs behind this video.

Seconds 1-17:

  • 430 photos taken all from same location
  • Taken in Aperture Priority Mode
  • Photos taken Hand held
  • shutter speed 1/600th or faster
  • Focal Length between 240mm-300mm
  • Shot on canon 60D

Seconds 18-22 – Shot on iPhone

Rest of Video

  • Taken in full manual
  • Focal Length 24mm
  • Shot on canon 60D

Edited with LRTimelapse & After-Effects.

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