Road to 42k – Months 8 & 9

Oh man, we kinda fell off the wagon. We completely missed an update for month 8 because I was planning a proposal. Which Megan thankfully said yes too!

So we will combine both months 8 and 9. I must be honest, these past two months have been a whirl wind and I didn’t keep track of anything.

But I went back through all our expenses, the whole time hoping like h-e-double hockey sticks we didn’t do too much damage in Hawaii celebrating. But I can already tell you it was worth every penny.

Note: Earnings, Money Spent, and Savings are for TWO PEOPLE


Total in
Korean Won
Total in

Since we are salaried employees there isn’t any fluctuation here. It’s just doubled from the normal amount since we are adding two months!

Now for the drum roll.

Money Spent

In Korea Month 8+9
In Hawaii
Korea + Hawaii

I can’t even begin to pretend I have any idea what we spent the first part of month 8.  I’m not going to try and make something up but I know we squirrelled away $400,000 in cash on top of Megan’s paycheck since we took out 100k every week for hawaii. Which we decided to keep until we upgrade some camera gear.

We used our American credit cards in Hawaii. I have compiled the damage will confess that in two weeks of celebrating in Hawaii, we spent a total of $3,105! A bit crazy if you think about it. Lets take a look at how that happened.

  • 1 week AirBnB – $837.00
  • 1 week Car Rental – $348.00
  • 2 weeks of groceries – $529
  • Clothes- $651 –
  • Two weeks of eating out = Easily over $400
  • That leaves $300 more for miscellaneous splurges, alcohol, and celebrating. Most of our purchases were craft beer and wine.

You may be asking what about our flights and week one of the hotels. We don’t ask for gifts besides travel related things and considering my family was in on the engagement they took care of our flights as a gift and we stayed in their hotel room! We are very lucky for that.

The big expenses were AirBnB and car rental coming up at 1/3rd of our expenses. It may seem like we spent a lot on clothes, but we rarely buy them in Korea and we bought pretty much everything we will need for our next adventure in three months. I made out like a bandit getting two pair of black pants and two black nike running shoes for around $240.

While we didn’t do great things for our budget those two weeks I am not going to lose any sleep over it. It’s not everyday you get engaged!



Saved in Korea
Taken out of US Savings
Month 3 of 12
In All Banks

Current Standings

Wow ok so a lot happened in these two months and we really dropped the ball by not keeping track of our expenses. But here is the gist of it.

Our pay in Korea and savings in Korea was completely unaffected by our vacation. In fact we saved an extra 1.3 million or about $1,100. A total $5,799 to be exact. This is because we were in Korea two entire weeks less. So we are still on track for our goal of 42 million.

The dilemma is we dipped into our American savings. We wanted to share this to be transparent. However, if we weren’t planning on getting engaged or got help from our family, we would have never gone on this trip. If you are reading this down the road and trying to emulate how we live off of the smallest paycheck and save the other than wait until the contract is over to travel.

This was special for us.

Goals Towards online Business

It’s exciting to announce that my hyper-lapse E-book, the Ultimate Guide to Hyper-Lapse Photography has gone live. It took much longer to create than I anticipated. The site cost around 200$ to make and has already enough sales to technically call myself a professional hyper-lapse photographer which is pretty exciting and encouraging.

I was very fortunate to have the chance to meet up with a photographer who purchased a package and go shoot with her. It really opened my eyes to what can be improved and tweaked and added. It will be a bit more work but it was truly great to get some one on one feedback on the product and be able to see what actually made sense and what didn’t.

I hope to get those changes finished in the month of May and then start marketing and guest blogging for hyper-lapse photography on some of the major sites to hopefully start really getting the ball rolling.

If you are interested in hyper-lapse photography click the button and we will send you free tips and tricks directly to your inbox.

A huge thank you!

It is a very exciting time for us and I feel very grateful for your time and support in reading our blog and following along with our lives. Well thats all for this article. I’ll take better notes month 10. I promise!

If you read all of this I just want to take a moment and give you a huge thank you for giving us your time. While I am in no means an expert at this yet I am passionate about figuring out how to ween myself off being dependent of teaching english and looking forward to sharing along the journey as we go along.

We’re ready to take this relationship to the next level. If  you are consider connecting with us on your favorite social network sites. Just click your favorite link.

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– Scott

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