A Hyper-Lapse Through Grand Seoul Park in Korea

We are still finding new and fun things to do in Seoul. Which will only make leaving in a few weeks a bit harder. But one treasure we found recently was Grand Seoul Park. It’s a huge park in the middle of Seoul.

We’re talking HUGE.

It’s gotta be Seoul’s version of New York State Park.

We ended up going on a national holiday and even though the line to get in was crowded as soon as we were inside the Park it seemed like we coulda done back flips for days without bumping into people.

The two highlights to the Grand Seoul Park, besides being beautiful and covered in trees, were the Gondola ride and the Parks zoo. We tried to see as many animals as we could but still didn’t have enough time.

Llama at Grand Seoul ParkAlligator at Grand Seoul Park

Animal at Grand Seoul ParkThis place is great for a day date.

It’s nice to know that there are convenient stores all over the park as well as a few restaurants to keep you fueled through the day.

For any photographers out there that are some fun spots for portraits. We took a few pretty fun ones.

Couple Pose at Grand Seoul Park

Scott running at Grand Seoul ParkChichi at Grand Seoul Park

In case your thinking why the heck do we have running photos of me? We take our couple selfies on a tripod with an intervalometer. Just like a time-lapse. We typically take 10 or so shots and then I check them out and see if we need another try or what.

This time I thought I forgot to set it and wasn’t sure it was taking photos. So I ran over and got this beauty. We both laughed pretty hard and thought it was funny.

Megan at at Grand Seoul ParkAnyhow, we were completely smitten by Grand Seoul Park. By far the best park we’ve ever been to in Korea. For those of you who have been to Seoul Forest, this one is about 4 times bigger and a lot more lush. Great for kids, couples, and photographers looking to shoot portraits or couple selfies ;).

Gondola at Grand Seoul ParkI hope you enjoyed this post! We’d love it if you would share this with someone you know that might either like the photography or be interested in this place as well.

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