Kids Lose Their Minds Over The First Ever Egg Olympics

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. But what if life gives you jimjilbang eggs? In that case, you hold the Egg Olympics.

What is a jimjilbang egg?


Jjimjilbang EggA regular egg that is slow cooked, sometimes for days, in the hottest sauna at Korean bath houses. These also can be made at home if you dare to try. The egg is eaten like a traditional hard boiled egg but has more of a chewy texture as well as an oaky taste. Also, they are scary looking because they are now brown instead of white.

It was a normal day, everything started off just fine and dandy. We wanted to make our dear friend some funfetti cupcakes for her birthday. We just needed some eggs. Naturally we went to buy some.

The cashier lady tried warning us. But being the wagooks (foreigners) we are, and just not getting it we insisted we needed these damn eggs. She sighed and let us go, but she knew! She knew, and to be fair, she tried to warn us.

We get home, it’s after work so it’s 10 pm and these jimjilbang eggs need to be ready to go for our morning bus to meet our dear friend. We crack open the first egg into the cake batter and a hard brown egg revealed itself inside the shell. Megan screamed, “NOOOOOOOOOOO JJIMJILBANG EGGS!” Not only can you not bake cupcakes with these  bad boys, but we hate them! Now we have 36 of these weird tasting, brown colored hard boiled eggs.

Here’s where we made our lemonade with those lemons. We decided to hold the worlds first ever Egg Olympics and get our students to compete over the eggs.

Our plan was simple, assign points for answering questions correctly and give away 3 eggs each hour of class plus a few bonus eggs here and there.

We weren’t sure if the kids would like the eggs but when I asked who likes jimjilbang eggs each student threw their hands up like I was talking about giving away crisp $100 bills.

Everyone loves Jjimjilbang Eggs
Sadly, I couldn’t get the best angles and get everything on video, but you can see some of the reactions from the students in the class. All in all there where two different classes that are 3 hours each. The video is the gist of the excitement.

What we found hilarious was just the idea that these kids got so excited about some hard boiled sauna eggs. Idk about you but we don’t think we would ever get this excited about some hard boiled eggs? What do you think? Would you flip your lid over some jimjilbang eggs?

Swallowing Jjimjilbang Eggs

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