The Road to 42k Month 10

Road to 42k Monthly Update

Current Standings

Ugh it seems like everytime I sit down to write these things I realize we are slipping a little bit more and more. We went over budget this time by $400 or so dollars. We got just 10 weeks left in Korea so its time to clamp down!

Fun Fact: I have been studying credit card hacking and discovered I can get a free $625 worth of flights basically for free by signing up for the Chase Sapphire Credit Card. I got approved and it’s on the way.

The card is awesome. As long as we pay our bills on time it’s free money for flights which is the most expensive parts of our trip. It will also has no foreign transaction fee’s and will reimburse atm fee’s. Sorry if this sounds like a commercial I promise it’s not! I’m just excited.

I highly learning more about credit card hacking especially if you have some big travel plans coming up. A great resource for that is the points guy.

Ok so lets get into the monies and how our savings is going.

Note: Earnings, Money Spent, and Savings are for TWO PEOPLE


Total in
Korean Won
Total in

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Money Spent

Total in
Korean Won
Total in
Trips – Total of 1,400,000 krw or $1,190

Weekend 1 – Birthday in Seoul – around $500
Weekend 2 – Celebrate birthday in Busan – $500
Weekend 3 – Weekend out in Seoul visiting Soorae – $200
Weekend 4 – Everland & Grand Seoul Park – $200

Everything Else Total – 1,700,000 ($1,444)
  • Groceries -krw 505,000
  • Casino – krw 300,000
  • Date Nights – krw 360,000
  • Miscellaneous stuff (coffee’s, snacks, danger-ju’s etc…)= 125,000
  • Transportation -krw 40,000
  • Utilities -krw 35,000
  • Rent – 0 krw
  • krw 435,000 total for two poeple for two years of our American taxes.


Saved in May
Road to 42K total
Month 10 of 12

In the month May we were able to save just over 2,000 USD. Our total money saved in KRW is  31 million, or about $26k. Which is pretty exciting.

In case your just joining us in this series and wondering how the hell are we going to get to 42k in two months the krw was stronger and the dollar was weaker when we began. Things have changed on the journey and we are still on track to hit 42 million which is about $36k with todays exchange rates.

Still the question remains, how will we save 10k in two months. It’s because we will get a combined bonus of 6 million at the end of the contract. In addition we will save between 6-8 million in the next two months. As of today 12 million won is about $10k. This can change of course to be more or less but you get the idea.

Goals Towards online Business

Online work is coming along slowly but surely. Have sold a few copies of the hyperlapse photograpahy e-book course and am working with a couple photographers on how to make it better. Will be scouting and planning a hyper-lapse video course in the near future. I’m thinking of using Dongdaemun Design Plaza as the basis for that.

I’m even doing a hyper-lapse photography work shop this weekend that should be a ton of fun.

If you want to learn hyper-lapse photography sign up to get free tips and tricks. Will be adding all kinds of great goodies in the future.

A huge thank you!

If you read all of this I just want to take a moment and give you a huge thank you for giving us your time. While I am in no means an expert at this yet I am passionate about figuring out how to ween myself off being dependent of teaching english and looking forward to sharing along the journey as we go along.

We’re ready to take this relationship to the next level. If  you are consider connecting with us on your favorite social network sites. Just click your favorite link.

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– Scott

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