Daily Life in Seoul: Screen Golf, 4 for 10’s, and some Noraebang

We’ve got another video for you guys! This time we decided to show what a “night out” in Korea can look like. We aren’t really into the club scene here, but Korea has plenty of other fun activities for night owls to enjoy.

One of our favorite’s includes buying 4 for $10 beers at any of Korea’s billions of convenience stores! You can either take them to go or sit outside the little 24 hour mart at any of their tables and chairs until the wee hours of the morning!

We are also big fans of bowling, noreabangs (singing rooms), arcades, and most recently – screen golf!

Scott hasn’t been able to stop talking about how much he has wanted to go screen golfing lately and we are about to leave Korea. So we decided to spend one of our last weekends with a couple of friends drinking and screen golfing! What’s even better is that it’s open 24 hours, we can bring our own booze, and they will even order pizza for us! Win, win, win!

After a few hours of hilariously failing at whacking some balls and a few drinks later we decided to end our night at a singing room.

Check out our video to recap the night and to see what screen golf is actually like!

Would you ever try screen golf? Let us know in the comments below.

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