Road to 42K Month 11

I am super excited to give this months update. I want to say a huge thank you to the people who have been encouraging us along this road and reading along to see our journey. For those of you new to the blog we have had the big goal of trying to save $42,000 in this calendar year of teaching English and we have been documenting the journey with monthly updates on our blog to inspire other couples or people who are wondering how they can recreate this lifestyle for themselves.

While it is a bit scary to know that we are about to stop receiving a paycheck and the stability of a steady job and home with the help and support from our friends. It is very exciting to realize how close we are to our goal.

Month 11 brings our total Korean won saved so far to 36,825,000 KRW. We have another 11.8 million coming next month which as long as we can keep our last months spending to a minimum will mean we are on pace to save just over $42,500 (at todays current exchange rate) which is a bit over our goal. So we might treat ourselves.

Why Are We Sharing This?

I believe setting goals are the foundation of getting to where we want to be in life and without them we are just kind of going without a compass or a rudder. These goals do not have to be gargantuan, whether its making the goal of 10 minutes of daily meditation, running 2x a week, reading 10 books a year, or finally beginning to pursue your hobby.

Goals motivate me to make the most out of my time here on earth and use this precious time, they help me figure out what I truly want to be spending my time on and help focus my priorities. If things don’t serve the goals I have for myself and my future family, I don’t get to pursue them.

Our current goals are to save money for our retirement, design a life of traveling the world together, and be able to live full time as travel bloggers who share our view of the world through photography and video.

The world is filled with so many incredibly talented people already doing that which makes it more difficult for us to find our spot in the community, and that is why we are saving up money at the same time. 50% of that money goes to our retirement, while 40% goes to traveling, while the other 10% gets reinvested into improving our writing, photography, and filmmaking skills.

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Note: Earnings, Money Spent, and Savings are for TWO PEOPLE


Total in
Korean Won
Total in

LIke all the other months we brought in a total of 5,711,000 won with our jobs and I am also doing another Hyper-Lapse photography workshop where I’ve received 300k.

Money Spent

Total in
Korean Won
Total in
Activities – Total of 790,000 krw or $699.18.

Weekend 1 – Everland and a Hyper-Lapse through Seoul Grand Park -200,000
Weekend 2 – I did a hyper-lapse workshop and we went white water rafting and wen to the DMZ tunnel. – 163,000
Weekend 3 – Ikseon Dong shopping and eating (bought camera gear) 400,000
Weekend 4 – Ikseon Dong revisited to make this hyper-lapse. Mostly just food – 50,000

Everything Else Total – 2,150,000 ($1,903)
  • Groceries – 475,000 krw
  • Drinking/Dinner with Friends over 4 weeks – 489,000 (mostly weekends)
  • Miscellaneous stuff (coffee’s, snacks, danger-ju’s etc…)= 240,000 krw
  • Date Nights – 435,000
  • Transportation – 80,000 krw
  • Utilities – 35,000
  • Unable to eat at home – 168,000 – Some days we couldn’t cook our food at home because we were shooting or running errands.
  • Rent – 0 krw.


Saved in June
Road to 42K
Month 11 of 12

Current Standings

For the second month in a row we were able to save just over 3k. This is helping us catch up to our goal big time. If you are new to these updates in month five or six we were thinking we were only going to be able to save between 36-38k  because of the falling won and we were splurging on more things that took us a bit of time to get into some better habits.

Goals Towards online Business

When it comes to the online business the hardest part has been taken care of and that is getting started. While is up and running and people are purchasing the e-book course, I am having a hard time getting testimonials. To increase my testimonials and get instant feedback from people I have started doing workshops. Very small groups and only two times. The first one went well but only two people signed up.

This second one sold out in a day and hope to get five more testimonials to add to my reputation.

Once that is done the plan is to start doing guest blog posts and tips and tricks for well established photography groups as well as create an online video course walking people from A-Z on how to do a hyper-lapse. A bit to chew off before we leave in a few weeks but hope to get it all done shortly 🙂

I was very lucky to have over 30 people fill out a short questionnaire about hyper-lapse photography for me. If you are interested in learning hyper-lapse photography I would love it if you would take two minutes to answer these simple questions.

A huge thank you!

If you read all of this I just want to take a moment and give you a huge thank you for giving us your time. While I am by no means an expert at this yet I am passionate about figuring out how to ween myself off being dependent of teaching english and looking forward to sharing along the journey as we go along.

We’re ready to take this relationship to the next level. If  you are consider connecting with us on your favorite social network sites. Just click your favorite link.

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– Scott

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