Cat Cafe in Seoul: Introducing Megan the Crazy Cat Lady

Cat cafes are all the rage right now and one of the best things to do in Seoul for locals and visitors. You can find them all over the countries like Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and now even in the US! Spending two years living in Korea with a crazy cat lady you can be sure there wasn’t too much time that passed between a visit to a cat cafe in Seoul! This week you get to see full frontal action of Megan channelling her inner crazy cat lady in our latest video!

But what you may not know, is when I first met Megan, I HATED cats. I am incredibly allergic to them and also only met one who was a real asshole. So when I found out Megan had a cat our romance almost ended before it even had a chance.

But I was a smitten kitten and thought i’d give her a chance. I usually order inhalers online in bulk so I took one of my inhalers and braved trying to hangout with this little lady at her house for dinner one night. It was the ultimate test, do I have to stop dating this girl because she has a cat?

Long story short, my asthma didn’t flare up and her cat, Gus, and I became best buds. When Megan was on work trips and I was cat sitting I’d wake up with him sleeping on my chest. Now we are looking forward to reuniting with him when we visit Megan’s family in December.

Fast forward to Korea, Megan was devastated leaving Mr. Gus behind, but luckily there were cat cafes we could go to and hang out with cats. We are actually quite surprised we haven’t done a post on a cat cafe in Korea yet, we have actually been to quite a few and never really documented them! I guess we were too busy petting pusses!

It turns out Megan is an actual crazy cat lady. She talks to cats she doesn’t know, meows at cats she sees on the streets, and we have a game of naming every cat (actually every animal) we see while traveling. I’ve learned to just fully embrace it because these furry little felines put such a happy and beautiful smile on her face and it just makes me happy. So brace yourselves and get ready to see this crazy cat lady in action at this Seoul cat cafe, Munchkin Cat Cafe in Hongdae, one of the coolest things to do in Hongdae!

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