FINISHED – The Road to 42k Month 12

We are both excited to announce that we reached our goal of saving 42k this year. In fact we got a little bit more, but it’s tricky to say because really it was for our flight reimbursements to go home. So, we don’t really now how to address that. All in all we saved $43,587.

It’s crazy to think about and it feels pretty damn rewarding to know that we actually stuck to our plan and did it. There were times where we splurged a bit and were worried we weren’t going to make it happen.

It doesn’t feel like there is a lot more to add to be honest. If you are new to this part of our blog and read our month 11 update where we were at 31k this month, then you may not understand how we jumped up our savings so quickly. We just received our bonus for fulfilling the contract which is essentially a 13th month of payment. In addition we got another big chunk of change for our flights.

Again we are elated this monkey is off our back and we did it.

We plan on taking 20k and traveling the world for a year. Another 20k to reinvest into our retirement. And the extra, well the necessities of course. Plane tickets, electronics and clothes!


Total for 12 months
Korean Won
Total in

What’s Next for bobo and chichi?

Well for starters we are going to enjoy the first couple months of travel and just kinda figure out how to get in the groove of traveling again. There is such a huge difference between living in a spot and being on the road.

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Especially since this trip will be a year and there are so many moving parts for it since we are getting married and both have some professional goals that we will be working on as well. For now, we will just enjoy Japan. Our next goals are to start working for tourism boards and companies to start shooting hyperlapse and making short films for them. That would be a dream come true. These gigs can allow us to travel the way we would like to with a home base.

A huge thank you!

If you’ve read all of this I just want to take a moment and give you a huge thank you for giving us your time. Whether you’ve read these posts from the beginning, just found these, or whatever. The fact that more people are coming to our site and engaging with us is an honor.

We will keep you posted on our goals in the future but for now we will be enjoying Japan.

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– Scott

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